Lazy Sunday is Back for 2013!!!

We’re back at it again – chillin’ every weekend and doing nothing but enjoying the good weather and having our cars out. The weather is still chilly, but good enough to hang out. I think the high today was like +9C and I was in shorts so that means it’s pretty much summer lol.

Anyways – we planned to just chill after everyone was done their Easter stuff and take some pics. East Village is officially our new meet/hang out spot on the weekends since it’s pretty quiet and you don’t get bothered too much. I got there early and the police came twice to probably run my plate while I was playing Hungry Shark Evolution haha. I was kind of hoping he’d come up and ask me what I was doing, only to see me doing legit citizenly stuff. Once in a while, you’ll get runners that make their trek along the Bow River or skater kids come up and check out the cars or ask questions. Today there was a guy in a truck with his daughter that came up out of no where and gave us his cards to do vinyl work. Weirdest shit ever.

Beware – lots of group shots in this hahaha

IMG_1334 copy

Ricky finally showed up.

IMG_1333 copy

Got to see his trunk with the new hardwood in place. Looks good!

IMG_1336 copy

Then JC showed up after his Easter lunch. Lookin’ good on the VS-XX’s. First time I’ve seen him riding around on them. Fenders rolled too.

IMG_1337 copy

IMG_1340 copy

Ass shot.

IMG_1341 copy

It got chilly so we hopped into the LS and waited for everyone else to come.

IMG_1344 copy

Playing with the gadgets in the back. I LOVE sitting in the back of this car haha – I really need to find someone to drive me around, but it’s also super nice to drive. Tough.

IMG_1347 copy

New kicks, shorts and my sexy legs for all of you. Probably too cold for shorts still but I regret nothing. LOL

IMG_1348 copy

They found out my roofliner was suede so then they started writing shit in it.

IMG_1349 copy

Ricky wrote “Gold”. Mainly cause he had this idea that I should replace all the chrome trimmings on the inside to gold. LOL

IMG_1350 copy

Punit showed up in the GS finally. In all its stock glory.

IMG_1351 copy

Steve showed up and we popped 2 Fast 2 Furious in and watched it with the Mark Levinson Surround Sound system.

IMG_1353 copy

Everybody all up in that first race. R34 FTW haha

IMG_1355 copy

Ass shots again. Steve’s rear lip still needs to be painted since he switched out the Mugen one to fit the Spoon Diffuser.

IMG_1356 copy

Punit and his GS with a lift kit. (JK)

IMG_1358 copy

#MeanGirls shoot finally. Still not legit since Punit and I are still missing wheels and stuff.

IMG_1360 copy

IMG_1362 copy

Ricky and Steve off to the side…

IMG_1363 copy

Liked this shot.

IMG_1370 copy

Pulled Steve and Ricky in.

IMG_1373 copy

Standing around loitering. We basically took up that whole cul-de-sac for our photoshoot lol.

IMG_1374 copy

Punit way off in the distance being an emo. Contemplating life.

IMG_1376 copy

Aldo showed up in the meantime and I think when I took this pic, Rich was also coming down the road.

IMG_1377 copy

Threw him in the pic and voila. Tough shooting tons of cars especially when you’re shooting on the same level. Wish I had a ladder haha

IMG_1388 copy

IMG_1389 copy

Single shots. Aldo’s S2000 on CE28’s. Legit.

IMG_1391 copy

GS450h in stock form. Let’s see how much Punit can change it this year…

IMG_1392 copy

Ricky’s GTI you guys are all probably familiar with.

IMG_1394 copy

Steve’s RSX

IMG_1396 copy

JC’s CT200h

IMG_1398 copy

Rich’s WRX

IMG_1399 copy

The big boat.

IMG_1401 copy

We made a trip to Five Guys for some food. Love this lot cause there’s always tons of space and nobody ever comes here cause it’s in the middle of nowhere off the main road haha

IMG_1404 copy

IMG_1405 copy

IMG_1406 copy

Rich trolling.

IMG_1407 copy

Ricky goes and grabs some peanuts and disrespects my phone.

IMG_1408 copy

Community fries thanks to JC!

IMG_1409 copy

Rolling out. I put on my auto brake and took off my seatbelt to take a good pic and I didn’t know that once you take the seatbelt off, the autobrake releases (for some dumb reason) and I almost rolled into Ricky LOL. SHIETTTTT

IMG_1412 copy

Aldo behind.

IMG_1415 copy

Ricky peaced it on home.

IMG_1457 copy

Rolling shots on the way to Rich’s. Lookin’ good

IMG_1476 copy

IMG_1479 copy

Arrived at Rich’s. Also tried out the self park feature in the LS for the first time because Steve reminded me of it. Didn’t work out too well this time, but I tried it later on at Diana’s and it worked perfect lol. Amazing.

IMG_1480 copy

IMG_1481 copy

Swapping wheels on Rich’s buddy’s FR-S.

IMG_1482 copy

Barb giving the rear seat a go – it’s a must for everyone who has never tried out the LS with the long wheelbase. Reclined and tons of room…

That ends another edition of the first installment of Lazy Sunday 2013…

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