Spring Cleaning the LS

Had a few hours today to get some spring detailing done. Lots of stuff that I needed to go over that had been neglected. Polish, wax, some scuffs that needed to be removed and I didn’t get the chance to finish it all today. A bulk of it was done though.

First thing was first – polish it up. I did half the car a few months ago but I re-did it with a fine tooth comb again today to get it done properly and with nice weather to boot.

IMG_1297 copy

To start. Looks fine but lots of swirls and stuff that bugged me.

IMG_1298 copy

First up was the headlights again. I did a polish on them when I first got the car to get rid of the build up that was never really looked after or cleaned up during the previous owners time. But there was still room for improvement – lots of pitting and swirls that looked so bad. Hard to tell in the picture, but if you look closely you can see.

IMG_1299 copy

Same with the emblem. I was fortunate enough to get one of the fully loaded models with radar cruise control – hence the plastic encased emblem. It was pitted and scratched all over as well.

IMG_1300 copy

I did a good 10 minute wetsand on them again. First with 1000 grit with soap and water with some quick detailer in between. No difference in doing that, but I did it anyway. It got rid of a lot of the pitting and surface residue that was still there.

IMG_1301 copy

Wiped after the 1000 grit.

IMG_1302 copy

After the 2000 grit pass. It was smooth as a baby’s bum. Looked great.

IMG_1303 copy

Passenger side done after both passes as well.

IMG_1304 copy

After a polish. I’m sure you can see how clear this headlight is now. There is literally no pitting or scratches on the surface of this headlight anymore. It’s amazing what a little sanding and the right polish can do.

IMG_1306 copy

Up close. The pitting is all gone.

IMG_1307 copy

Time to polish ‘er up.

IMG_1308 copy

This was my weapon of choice. I usually like to use a heavy compound to get rid of the tough swirls and do another pass if I need to remove any more hazing.

IMG_1309 copy

The rear finished. It shines like a diamond. It really makes the smokey granite mica pop.

IMG_1310 copy

IMG_1315 copy

The emblem all wetsanded and polished up as well. Looks good as new too now.

IMG_1317 copy

My wax of choice. I’ve always used P21S since the beginning. Actually I’ve used this since about 2006 when I had my Civic – same container as well.

IMG_1318 copy

Wax applied on the car…

IMG_1319 copy

Some TLC on the exhaust openings as well. Faded chrome and lots of build up.

IMG_1321 copy

This too has always been a magic worker for me on exhausts.

IMG_1322 copy

1st pass – I swear I had the finished product pic but I guess not… Looks good as new now though too.

IMG_1324 copy

Once the wax was applied and wiped off, I did a final wash to get rid of all the polish dusting and any other residue.

IMG_1327 copy

All dried up and perfect again. The bumper does need a repsray but I can live with it for now until I decide on a kit. No point in spending money on something I’m gonna take off…

IMG_1329 copy

Rear quarter shot.

IMG_1330 copy

Another one. WET.

Anyways – tomorrow gonna spend time cleaning the interior and carpet, vacuum it all out and do some more deodorizing and conditioning. Also gonna clean all the jams, windows and panels.

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