Random Stats

Just kind of recently did more digging in the stats page for wordpress – something that blogspot never really had when I used it. It showed a little bit, but most of the time it was very little detail that didn’t show much of anything.

Kind of interesting to see what certain stats were… Most viewed posts, averages, etc… For anyone who’s interested since it’s been over a year now… I thought it was cool.


A snapshot of the top posts since I’ve started. There’s more but these seemed to be more interesting. It’s actually interesting that DTP 2011 Favourites was THE top post because I really only did it at the time cause I had nothing to post. Some good quality cars there… I wish we had something more like that here. I should throw up more of those soon…

Take a look here DTP 2011 Favourites


Another interesting stat was the average views for the month over the past year. I started blogging in November 2011 and had 123 views for that month. In 2012, it jumped to 5,035 lol.

Nice to see and I’m glad you guys are coming to check out the blog! I can only imagine there will be even crazier stuff this year… Nice weather is finally here and everyone is starting to take their toys out…

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