First Menchies Run of 2013

Finally the end of the week. Good Friday tomorrow and we all have the day off up hurr in Canada. Such an awesome day and it’s only going to get better through to the weekend – we decided to hit up Menchies in Airdrie for the first time and chill like good ol’ times. Most everyone has their cars out now and like I mentioned before – just waiting on a few more parts to come in.

Ricky came by at 6 and I cleaned the LS up a bit before we headed out…

IMG_1142 copy

BEEYOUTEEFULL Day. Stock wheels are hurtin’

IMG_1149 copy

Shot gunned it with Ricky to see if I could get some rolling shots of the LS while Diana drove it. Shot of his tank set up in the trunk…

IMG_1150 copy

Haven’t sat in these Bride’s in a loooong time.

IMG_1153 copy

Diana up front in the LS. Don’t you love seeing your own car rolling?

IMG_1161 copy

Busy highway since we went during rush hour so we couldn’t switch spots on the highway, thus the shadow of Ricky’s car hitting mine. If you look carefully you can see his BBS’s. lol

IMG_1186 copy

Love it.

IMG_1213 copy

Chillin’ outside of Menchies waiting for everyon else.

IMG_1214 copy

Punit, Aldo, JC, and Steve showed up finally. Punit didn’t take his GS, Aldo took out his newly acquired S2k and JC in his CT.

IMG_1215 copy

Love this weather. Been dying to see scenes like this again.

IMG_1219 copy

Ass Ass Ass

IMG_1222 copy

The LS, Ricky’s GTI and Steve’s RSX. Some new additions this year on Steve’s RSX – another Bride seat, cage, and a Spoon diffuser.

IMG_1223 copy

Waiting on more things… I hate being the stock one lol.

IMG_1225 copy

After eating our frozen yogurt, an Evo X showed up and it ended up being an older guy to get pizza with his son. As we were chillin’, he came out and started talking to Punit, Ricky and Aldo asking who’s stock, if we race, if Punit drifts… LOL. He ended up bringing them over to show them his sound system that apparently cost $10,000 with LED’s in the trunk that he could control from his iPhone and all. Started playing Gotye hahahaha so heaty – felt like a mini beyond meet.

IMG_1228 copy

On the way back, Diana attempted some of her first rolling shots. Not centered, but the shots ended up turning out pretty good for her first try!

IMG_1235 copy

Another by Diana.

IMG_1265 copy

Last one by her. I loved this shot, even with the angle but the colors of the sunset hitting his hood, grill and front bumper is perfect. I toned down the blue saturation to give a warmer mood. So good!

This weekend there’s a few things going on – I think JC is putting on his wheels. I’ll be doing a full polish finally and getting rid of all the imperfections that have been there for months… I’m crossing my fingers that the wheels are here next week!

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