DETO International

Just wanted to give a shout out to a good friend – James Cale. I’ve known James for a number of years now and we go way back to when I had my original blogspot blog. He is the owner and founder of DETO International – he designs clothing based around the automotive lifestyle and car culture. We share the same kind of passion for blogging, cars and fashion – and I’m glad to see James still working on his line. He just finished his Teutonic Nightfall Collection and sent me a nice piece of it.

Give him a visit

IMG_1133 copy

The BFWW(Black Forest Wheel Werks) encompasses the deep tuning car culture of germany with a hint of DTM racing. From the tarmac to the track.

IMG_1138 copy

Attention to detail like always on his stuff.

IMG_1139 copy

Inner print.

IMG_1141 copy

Thanks again to James for sending this over! Gonna add it into my favourites.

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