Titanium Bolts!

The ricer in me needed to get Ti bolts for the license plate again. Since I had them for the STI and thought they looked awesome, I thought I’d replace the rust dealer bolts on the LS too.

Thanks to moddiction for these bad boys!

IMG_1114 copy

IMG_1118 copy

Sick teal color.

IMG_1119 copy


IMG_1122 copy

Close up.

IMG_1126 copy

And I also said goodbye to these last night. Simon came by in his FRS to pick them up for his friend in Vancouver. After talking for a while, I realized he was the owner of the yellow FD that I first saw at DTP in 2011. Gangster car – I asked that he send me pics when it’s good to go but there are a few things he has to work out before they’re on.

IMG_1128 copy

The tires are also gone. Instagram is a great marketplace lol.

A few shots of Matt’s FD from Canibeat

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