I Need Aftermarket Air…

I’m really itching to replace the air suspension in the car lately. Not that anything is wrong with the stock air… but it’s buggy for sure.

It’s nice to have, but the time it takes to adjust just kills me: 3-5 minutes to go fully up or fully down is dumb. For some reason, it also doesn’t even out properly when raising it. The passenger side is always half an inch higher than the driver side and while it’s probably not noticeable, it bugs the shit out of me. It looks good when it’s aired out though, it just doesn’t go as low as I’d like it to. It’s “good enough” for now, but I need better.

I’ve been juggling different options and there’s just tons of options. I could go with UAS on coilovers and build it together myself then pair it with Accuair. Or I could go with Air Runner and pair it with Accuair. The build quality of Air Runner’s struts are awesome and I don’t have to go through modifying anything. The advantage with UAS is really only the price and customization you can do.

What to do…

LEXUS_LS_airrunner_ACC0011xxc1 LEXUS_LS_airrunner_ACC0061xcx

Essential Lexus StanceNation Essential Lexus StanceNation

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