Enter: Ricky’s GTI

Yesterday was the first day of spring and we had such awesome weather – I think we hit +13C. That’s like shorts and t-shirt weather for us. Unfortunately, over the next few days – even the next week – we’ll be getting snow again. It’s never ending.

Anyways – everyone had the itch to bring out their cars yesterday for a rip. Ricky brought his out and played with his new lens and posted some shots on Instagram and Tumblr. I asked if I could play with some of his shots (btw not because you suck at editing, Ricky) but because I thought they were great shots and I wanted to edit some.

His set up this year hasn’t changed much, but once you change wheels – you can make or break the car. In this case – the SSR/BBS combo is killer. He’s still working on getting the rears to fit right, but as it sits low, it looks insane haha.

IMG_5338 copy

One of my favourite shots with the smoke from the exhaust trailing upwards.IMG_5339 copy

Dat poke.IMG_5341 copy

Spectrum silver. Not easy to capture it but if the light is right, it’s awesome.IMG_5344 copy

Another shot of the rear quarter.IMG_5346 copy

Another one of my favourite shots. Not many cars can pull off two sets of wheels on the front and back. VW’s do it best IMO. You can see the 24K gold bolts on the RS’s and the spectrum silver on the SP1’s.IMG_5350 copy

An example of when the light is not right – it’s simply gunmetal. That rear though…

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