Slow, Poor, Cold, Crowns, and VIP

Wow it’s incredibly slow lately. I wish I had some updates for you guys but I’m still waiting on my wheels which should be here early April and I’m still recovering from the $1400 Lexus bill from last week. I ended up getting everything done like I mentioned, including spark plugs and timing belt. Since they were already in the engine for recall work, they charged only for parts – saved me about $400. I might as well get it all over with… and who knew there were 3 cabin air filters – back one was $90 and two fronts were like $130 each or something ridiculous like that.

Apart from that – I’ve had to go through one of the most difficult decisions of my life regarding my career. I was offered a job and accepted, only to be told that I had something bigger lined up where I am now. The past weekend I was faced with deciding whether I should take the leap of faith and hope that my career would blossom at the new company or hold my ground and see where it takes me. I also ended up having to make one of the more difficult phone calls of my life – declining an already accepted job offer. I don’t generally burn bridges – if I can keep them and see value in them, I try my best to keep them afloat. Sometimes bridges just burn and you can’t put that fire out and eventually you come to terms with that as well. Luckily for me, in this situation I was able to save those bridges and the sun rises the next day. That’s really all that has been on my mind over the past week and it’s over now, so back to the good life.

But I digress… The weather as I’ve stated in the past few posts has been really PMS-ing lately. We’ll have bouts of snow and cold weather and then days of sunny, blue skies which makes you believe it’s summer. Today is one of those blue skies and sunny days. The next four days is going to be cold and we’re getting snow all over again. All the while, Driven 2013 is coming up on May 11th which is really just around the corner. I’ve got tons of stuff to do and buy to get the car ready but no time to do it.

Instead, I live vicariously through the dreams of the people on the internet with complete VIP builds. One platform that I’ve been obsessed with lately is the Toyota Crown. In fact, I’m so obsessed that it makes me extremely angry and upset at Toyota for not bringing the Crown here to replace the Avalon or something. This platform can do so much here, not just for the VIP scene, but for the general public IMO. It is one of those perfect luxury sedans that you can’t stop looking at. The 2013 Crown Athlete was announced a while back and it just seems that Toyota hates us so much that they won’t ever bring it here… Even after 14 generations later…

Anywho – now that I’ve closed that one chapter of my life, it’s time to get back to that car life. Looking for some legit Crown builds, I stumbled upon – what is one of the best IMO, next to the one with the SSR Executor CV01’s – Crown builds I’ve seen on Stance Nation.

The link


Every angle is so good.219

Love the fenders.518

KIND OF looks like the Infiniti M35.619

Wish I could see the brakes.819

Not a fan of the Meister M1R’s but they look awesome on the Crown.912

Sick triple titanium exhaust outlet. Executed well.1012 1112

Imagine seeing this in front of you. Wowza.

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