The Arrival: Punit’s GS450h

And so it begins…

After MONTHS of searching, going back and forth between multiple dealers, bad communication on the dealers’ part and basically bad business practice, Punit was finally able to score a GS450h for the best price we’ve come across all this time. This was in Edmonton so he made the trip up last week to check it out and finally got to pick it up today. Got back around 8PM and stopped by quick to let Diana and I take a quick peek.

I’m super happy for him because I know at one point he wanted it so bad but it never worked out and even got to the point where he was just going to keep working on the Integra. And so a new project begins… This should be a good summer everyone.

IMG_1094 copy

Stock and 4×4 IMG_1096 copy

Interior. Super clean and mint. The leather was in awesome condition – barely looked like it was sat in. I mentioned before that it’s very familiar to the LS interior – only a bit smaller.IMG_1100 copy

Cool consumption monitor graph that he can view on the hybrid.IMG_1101 copy

Dat ass. IMG_1102 copy

The GS and LS. Don’t mind the Civic lol… just missing JC’s CT200h now. I’d say it’s only a matter of weeks before all this snow is gone and we’re all ready to play.IMG_1105 copy

One last shot before he left. Thanks for coming by and taking us for a quick drive, Punit! Now let’s get this project on the go.

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