Workin’ at the Car Wash

Random Tuesday post.

Yesterday I met up with JC at Volkswagen and I was supposed to pick up boxes to pack up my Varis bumper and skirts and they didn’t fit in my car at all. I guess that’s partly my fault because I assumed one of the biggest cars in the world would fit the boxes. Wrong. So that was a big waste of time and I still feel bad for making you wait after work, JC. But in the end, I got a free car wash out of it… The perks of working at a dealership. That’s why JC’s car is always clean… lol

Anyways, out of all this – it’s not just a carwash that I was able to get, but I had my initial impressions of the Nexus 4 camera. It blows. Period.You never really think about it when you have something good to begin with until you move down into something lame. I was spoiled by the – now realized – awesome camera of the iPhone 5, that moving to the Nexus 4 has ruined my camera life. More specifically – my instagram life. LOL I took a bunch of pics but the camera just blows so much that I had to take pictures on JC’s iPhone and get him to send them to me so that I could instagram it. Kind of lame, and I hope that it’s just because maybe it was low light or something but even when it says it’s focused – it’s actually not. I took some pics from yesterday and well, you be the judge.

Things the Nexus 4 lacks:

1) Good camera

2) iMessage

3) Onscreen notifications for everything.


This was the ONLY good picture I got. Again, I’m thinking it’s because of the good lighting in this area and his white car that it turned out sharp – but this one was good.IMG_20130311_180138

It all goes downhill from here. I swear it looked way better in person.IMG_20130311_180202

The rear. I love the rear of the LS.IMG_20130311_180611

Blown out CT. Most likely due to one dark car and one bright car.IMG_20130311_180914

Blurry AND washed out.IMG_20130311_180935

And the worst one of them all. It looked good sitting there and the Nexus ruined it lol.

Anyways, pretty random day.. This weekend should be good with Punit picking up his new 07 GS… Mean Girls crew!!

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