Made the Switch: Nexus 4

Not much going on again lately… the snow hit us hard over the past few days and it’s slowly starting to get warm and melt again. It’s always and endless and vicious cycle around this time of year.

I’ve made the switch to Android again – to the Nexus 4. I say “again” because the last time I tried was about a year and a half ago to the Samsung I9100 – which btw, was not a good experience for me and I ended up switching back to my iPhone within a few weeks. It was buggy, certain things weren’t that great, the touchscreen was less than desirable. Every time since then I’ve been debating on moving but I was always hesitant because I was scared of wasting money and experiencing the same thing all over again.

Finally, I decided to try the Nexus 4. Rich got it a while ago and I talked to him for some opinions and he’s the ultimate Apple fanboy and if he was OK with the switch, then I’d be more than OK. After talking to him for a bit, I was convinced enough and made the order. Without any help from the useless staff at Google and over a week and a half of waiting with a status of “Processing”, going back and forth in emails between them not knowing why it’s still processing to made up delivery dates to saying my account was on hold due to fraud – I canceled. Rich sent me a link on Kijiji and I got the phone within 2 days – not sure why I didn’t do that sooner… However – conclusion: Google Play staff have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

IMG_0862 copy

Size comparison, it’s not THAT much bigger than the iPhone 5. I was never impressed on the Galaxy Note or those half tablet/half phone devices that look ridiculous in your pocket and never really fit anywhere properly. This was a nice change.

IMG_0864 copy

The backs. The only gripe about the Nexus 4 is that the speaker is on the back. So if it’s laying down on its back (most of the time), it muffles the sounds of notifcations and stuff. Not the best placement, but whatever.IMG_0863 copy

My homescreen. The one thing I loved about Androids is the customization. Even with jailbreak on the iPhone, you can only customize it so much before you find out it’s really still just iOS with tweaks and you didn’t change anything, you’re just hiding the stock features.  IMG_0867 copy

The lockscreen. Nice resolution and picture quality – it’s definitely a step up from what was on the market a year ago. It’s funny that I’m praising the Android system now again because just a few months ago, Rich and I froze our asses off standing in line at Apple for something like 12 hours for the iPhone 5 and now it’s just sitting there like it doesn’t mean a thing LOL.

Thanks again to Rich for helping me root it and upload the Cyanogen rom! I didn’t even get to use the stock rom at all haha. Loving it so far – haven’t missed my iPhone yet.

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