YouZealand Body L460

EDIT: This is also my 300th post! Yay

I found another! YouZealand Body – I think I’ve found a good balance between aggressive and clean. It’s aggressive but not in your face, it has mesh but not all in the wrong places, and looks clean all the way around the car, not just one piece.

Unfortunately the color of the car doesn’t help but if you can get over that, the kit looks really good. Except I can’t find ANY information on it whatsoever or if it’s a one off kit. It looks as though the rear quarter, and possibly the door as well has some work done on it. Either that, or the kit gives it the illusion that it’s actually a wide body, but I somehow doubt it. I wish I could get more information on this and if it’s even attainable. To my knowledge, this is the only one that exists.

Does anyone else agree that it looks like the rear quarter and door has custom work? I finally find a kit I like and it’s probably not even possible to get 😥






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