LS460 – Tinted Tails

Right after we finished JC’s coils and Nick came by in his GTR, Dave came by in his 335XI – matte wrapped in white by himself over the course of 3 days I believe. Looks sick!

He came by to do some tint for me – for some reason, every car I’ve owned – I’ve always tinted the reverse section. I always feel like it’s incomplete without it and I love the look since it’s pretty subtle.  Thanks again for coming by and helping out, Dave!

IMG_0829 copy

His 335

IMG_0840 copy

Rear. I even love the smoked reverse section on his car too. I think it looks good on every car actually if it’s not smoked out to be blacked.IMG_0836 copy

Doing his thing.IMG_0837 copy

The all white.   IMG_0841 copy

Part of it done… Already looking awesome.IMG_0845 copy

Finishing up the other half.IMG_0846 copy IMG_0849 copy

All done!IMG_0856 copy

And a rear shot. I honestly feel like this one of the best parts of the rear of the car. Maybe I’m just a ricer though.

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