Toyota Crown – SSR Executor CV01

I’m having cargasms over the Toyota Crown lately and I’m literally heart broken that it can’t be purchased here. After seeing the tons of different types of VIP platform cars, VIP styled cars – from LS430 to the President, personally I feel that the Crown is the king of VIP platform cars. It’s almost hard to believe that Toyota did such a sick job considering all we get here is the Avalon and Solara. If I could, I’d trade in my LS460 plus money in a heart beat for the Crown. I would also possibly kill for one too.

SSR posted a SICK Crown on the new Executor CV01’s and with super aggressive fitment too. Check out that rear. Every angle of this car is so good.

Mode Parfume kit as well.

image1image3 image4 image

2 thoughts on “Toyota Crown – SSR Executor CV01

  1. Hey there. Do you know what website’s sold these? spoilers? i have 180 zero crown and cant find a place to buy these parts. can you help me?

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