HID’s All Over

Just a small update. Been a little busy lately with I don’t even know what honestly. Work has been pretty hectic and when I’m done I usually have something else to do or I’ll want to relax and play some Metal Gear, which btw is one of the sickest third person RPG’s I’ve ever played – from the cut scenes to the game play.

Anyways, wanted to give a shout out to JC for hooking it up with an HID kit since I’ve been wanting to get rid of the ugly yellow fogs and bulbs. I think I mentioned earlier that I was trying to decide on whether I wanted to do 5000k or 6000k and settled on 6000k. It looks a lot nicer on the car and I think will be a nice compliment to the wheels and everything once they get here.

You know summer time is coming when everyone is starting to put their parts on slowly… If you were around last year, you’ll know that it ends up being non stop updates from me every weekend… or even every few days. Some exciting stuff coming soon!

IMG_0750 copy

The kit JC hooked me up with. Thanks again!IMG_0752 copy

The fogs and headlights and Nike LED’s – all matched.IMG_0754 copy

A little more overexposed. The LS is well on its way…

2 thoughts on “HID’s All Over

  1. hey jason,

    i’m in the market for new HID’s so i’m wondering if this kit is always good.
    you and JC seem to know good parts pretty well!


  2. Hey man – yeah the VVME kits are pretty good. Never had issues with them. However in the end, an HID kit is an HID kit to me. As long as you aren’t paying like $20 for a full kit, I think you’re fine lol.

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