World of Wheels 2013

After I finished working on the front suspension sensors, I ended up meeting with JC, Punit and Prashant to head over to World of Wheels to check out some cars. I never really went to WoW because I always felt it wasn’t really my niche but I thought I’d tag along this year and see what was going on. All these car shows coming up is really making most of us anxious for summer to come. Even the lot had some summer cars that were out and we’re all still rolling around on winters in dirty cars haha.

Anyways – here’s the adventure:

IMG_0645 copy

On my way to JC’s. All I need is my eGO-C, phone and water. I also tried out the cooled seats because it was super nice out today. All I’m sayin’ is girls with skirts would love this car in the summer.

IMG_0646 copy

Lexus family. Still missing one… *cough*Punit*cough*

IMG_0647 copy

IMG_0648 copy

Chillin’ waiting to roll out.

IMG_0649 copy

IMG_0650 copy

JC handed the keys over to Prashant and Punit so he could ride in the LS. People always jump to get shotgun but in reality – the best seats are in the back. So that’s where JC sat… I wish I could sit back there sometimes but I also love driving it too much haha

IMG_0651 copy

Crazy cars in the lot…

IMG_0653 copy

This beast. For sale for $200,000. WTF! Three doors and everyone. SO gangster though.

The rest of the pics are from the show. I won’t comment on them because I honestly just don’t know much about them. This is definitely the show where you see attention to detail and just perfect paint jobs and everything else in between. Definitely different from all the import shows haha

IMG_0655 copy

IMG_0656 copy

IMG_0658 copy

IMG_0660 copy

IMG_0662 copy

One thing I did notice was all the mirrors almost each car had. Sick stuff haha

IMG_0665 copy

IMG_0666 copy

IMG_0667 copy

That wing…

IMG_0668 copy

IMG_0670 copy

IMG_0671 copy

IMG_0672 copy

IMG_0673 copy

IMG_0675 copy

IMG_0676 copy

IMG_0678 copy

Steel seats. So crazy.

IMG_0681 copy

IMG_0685 copy

VEX’s booth was the one I was familiar with haha. Supra on Meisters and the Alpha 9 GTR – holds the record for the fastest GTR in Alberta, I believe.

IMG_0687 copy

IMG_0689 copy

Jimmy’s LS430. Love this build.

IMG_0690 copy

IMG_0692 copy

IMG_0694 copy

IMG_0696 copy

J swap EF. The swap is pretty much done, but it doesn’t run or hasn’t run since they put the engine in…

IMG_0697 copy

IMG_0699 copy

NSX – good shit but it hasn’t changed in over 4 years as far as I can remember.

IMG_0703 copy

The Miata that I’ve been seeing all over Instagram from Shane. Done just in time for WoW – new paint and custom bodywork. Legit.

IMG_0704 copy

IMG_0705 copy

Awesome booth display. Huge life size model box, paints, lacquers and twist-off pieces you can see off to the right.

IMG_0723 copy

The other side. This guy needs to win an award for creativity.

IMG_0708 copy

IMG_0710 copy

IMG_0711 copy

I need this in my life.

IMG_0713 copy

Loved the color on this.

IMG_0719 copy

IMG_0720 copy

IMG_0721 copy

IMG_0722 copy

IMG_0726 copy

IMG_0728 copy

IMG_0730 copy

IMG_0732 copy

IMG_0734 copy

IMG_0736 copy

IMG_0739 copy


IMG_0740 copy

IMG_0741 copy

IMG_0744 copy

Double Wilwood brake setup.

IMG_0745 copy

IMG_0747 copy

This thing was crazy long. Barely got it in the shot. Check out that wing – they dubbed it the “Jason Hoang wing”. Fitting, if I do say so myself.

IMG_0749 copy

The other end.

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