Messing with Luxury

A little background info on this post – before I picked up the LS, I did some research on the LS460L’s air suspension and the controller that you can purchase to raise and lower it. I came across one individual that had stock air but was a lot lower than most people on Club Lexus. He mentioned that he played with the sensors and got it to go a little lower. This intrigued me because a part of me loves the stock air because it’s convenient and saves me thousands of dollars from spending it on aftermarket air right away. The other part of me hates it mainly because it’s touchy and it’s slow – it takes about 3-5 minutes for it to go all the way down compared to the instant raising and lowering of aftermarket air.

Anyways, my plan for this weekend was to tackle these sensors for two reasons: 1) because I’ve been having some issues with the driver side going down properly but the passenger side was always about half an inch to an inch higher no matter what I did. My thought was because the sensor either got moved or was adjusted in the past for alignment purposes. 2) because I want it lower. Who doesn’t?

While I did want to tackle all four corners, I only ended up getting to the rears since they were the easiest to access. I guess I played too much Metal Gear Solid Rising and ended up cutting it short on my car time LOL! Anyways I wanted to share this because I know a lot of people on Club Lexus are curious about this so let’s start with the rears…

IMG_0634 copy

Jacked up to get easier access. I could’ve done it without jacking it up, but I decided it’d be a little easier 🙂IMG_0635 copy

Here is the sensor. I marked it in red. That little bolt is attached to a link which calculates the height of the car. IMG_0636 copy

You can see in this pic the little dashes or notches in that black piece – I am guessing that helps tell you where to move it. Instead of trying small increments, I decided to just move it all the way down and work my way from there. IMG_0637 copy

Put the car down and lowered it. I ended up actually getting about an inch more of a drop from just adjusting the little bolt. I moved the other side down too – it’s identical so I didn’t take pics of it. However the part that I mentioned where the passenger side was always higher WAS due to the sensor being different. IMG_0639 copy

Keep in mind that these are just 18’s on larger profile tires. I am confident it’ll look way lower and better with the SSR’s in 21’s.IMG_0640 copy

The other side. This is a good shot to show that the rears are super low compared to the front.

I’m hoping to tackle the fronts tomorrow. I’m having some issues now since I adjusted the rears where the car will not adjust at all from the controller. I’m not sure if it was because of the sensor adjustment or if it’s something else. I’ll spend more time tomorrow playing around with it. This was a 5 minute job!

EDIT: I played with the fronts but noticed no changes. Perhaps I didn’t adjust the link enough but in the increments that I changed it and the time it takes to go up and down on stock air – I just got impatient and noticed nothing. Maybe when I have more time in the summer and see how it looks with the new wheels, I’ll try again. But here’s a pic of the link if you guys want to know what it looks like.

IMG_0644 copy

3 thoughts on “Messing with Luxury

    • holy shit! I didn’t believe you at first cause I swear I saw 19’s on the sidewall way back when I got the car so I just ran out to go look.
      OMG thank you for clarifying! hahaha

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