Devon’s EG & CBR – Favourites

Devon’s feature on his CBR and EG is now up on illmotion! Take a peek

iM Feature: Devon Mori’s EG & CBR

This was another shoot that we did late last summer while the weather was still nice. The best thing about this shoot was that Devon had his EG and CBR painted the exact same color so that they matched. You don’t see that too often and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. People will have a white car and then buy a white bike but it’s just not the same.

The paint job is amazing and his EG in particular is just unique in and of itself. Two sets of wheels on both sides, a metallic green pearl that you don’t see too often, and an all around clean Honda. These days it’s super easy to just ruin a perfectly good Civic but in the same sense, it’s also super easy to make it amazing if you know what you’re doing. I wish we saw more of the latter around here. People usually associate Civics with fartcan cherry bomb exhausts, carbon vinyl, altezzas, and every thing else that does a good job at ruining it… But none of that here.

I mentioned way back that I personally can’t shoot something that just doesn’t sit right with me. Not that I hate those cars, but I’ll just never be able to edit them because it’ll just look bad no matter what I do. It’s like shooting an ugly model in the nicest hotel – it just has no appeal. HOWEVER, there’s none of that here – Devon’s EG and CBR are the equivalents to the two Playboy models that you love seeing together, except that you don’t need to wear a hoody and quickly run into a 7-Eleven to get your fix.


Oh yeah – RHD too. Or Devon is just really short. lol


His CBR. We got the chance to get into a cemetery that day – beautiful scenery.


The shoot that day just seemed to flow perfectly well. The colors of the leaves and grass matched his car and everything complimented each other.


Nice tones.




A view of the two and the Calgary skyline. I believe this was before the model (see here if you just tuned in Our Not So Typical Lazy Sunday) approached us and disrupted my zen. I’m glad this shot turned out though haha



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