Bastardizing the LS

Here’s what I’m thinking for the LS… A bunch of my favourite parts put together. I know it’s kind of bastardizing the LS but I feel it’s the only way it’ll look complete and well rounded for my taste. I guess you could say it’s like an S2000 being built with J’s, Voltex, ASM, and Mugen all in one.

No one has really pieced together multiple pieces before but I think if done right, it should look legit. I’m going to try and take that leap of faith and see what it gets me. At the end of the day, all I can really end up with is a weird looking LS. lol

My project for later tonight is to try and photoshop it all together. Stay tuned.


Aimgain front bumper

Aimgain Fenderswald2

Wald Rear Spoilerwald3

Wald Rear Roof Spoilerwald

Wald Side skirts – I just love that touch of chrome at the rear

Artisan Spirits Rear Half Lip

4 thoughts on “Bastardizing the LS

  1. Love the blend of parts; sometimes its better to mix the best instead of going with one brand and yoor bothered by the vents on the side skirts or something…

    Good Luck!


    • Thanks Freddy! I agree – after all that research, I just find if I can’t be happy with one, I might as well mix.
      I think the end result should be something unique and different. Slowly but surely..

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