Artisan Spirits LS460L

I can’t tell if I’m in love or infatuated because there’s just so many choices out and every time I see one, I like it.

I’m really digging this one because it looks a lot like Wald. I love how it rounds out the rear a little more but not sure how much I like the front… It’s nearly identical to the Wald Executive line and I can’t tell if I don’t like it because it’s the same or if I actually just don’t like it haha. What do you guys think?

Fender – love. Side skirts – I can live with. Front bumper – ….


Side skirts


Rear – LOVE. It doesn’t look unfinished like Wald does in the rear center section.


Fender – Like. The mesh might look cheap though.


Rear trunk spoiler


Roof spoiler


And the Artisan Spirits “Verse” version. The only thing that’s different is that it’s a whole bumper replacement rather than a half lip. Still looks odd to me…

I guess I answered my own question of whether I was in love or infatuated as I went through the pics. Wald is still up there on my list though but I feel like I should piece parts together…

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