It’s one of those mornings where you feel like the day is going to be a great day. It’s Friday. Monday is a holiday so it’s a long weekend. Diana and I are headed to Radium Hot Springs after I’m done work. I got to work early (mainly to get this prime real estate). My tracking said the Vape juice is going to be here by today finally after it was delayed.

After driving the LS fully for the last two days, I’m learning to appreciate the reason that the LS is the flagship car for Lexus. There are little things that the car has and does that you just don’t see in other cars. And I know I sound like I’m talking like I’m driving a Bentley, but Lexus has done their best in making it feel like you’re just about to cross over onto the greener side.

You really just feel like a king driving it because it makes sure you’re its center of attention. The car lights up as you walk up to it, the interior lights light up in a sequence to welcome you when you open the door, and when you start the car – everything just automates and adjusts. Pretty freaking cool IMO and maybe that’s why I got bored of the STI – because it never greeted me with anything other than red interior dash lights and a pink STI badge near the shifter.

I’ve been driving it on the lowest setting to and from work because I can and because the stock wheels don’t rub at all and man is the ride shitty. It’s just super bouncy and not comfortable at all – I guess it’s expected since it wasn’t designed for it, but it looks gangster as F – as you can see here, where I got primo parking. I will say though, it doesn’t look that bad dumped on the stock 19’s. Rear quarter shot of the LS is my favourite.

New Image

Also ordered new HID’s for it. I was thinking long and hard before deciding which temp to get… On the STI I had 5000K and that was perfect because the car was white and the light was super nice and white. For the LS, I ended up ordering 6000k so that it has a little more of a blue tint to it – I know it’s kind of ricey but it matched the car better. The car is a slate grey, the LED nike lights are slightly blue as well, so 6000k was the better choice. If it looks sucky, I’ll just go back to 5000k again but I think I made the right choice – aesthetically.

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