Job Design LS460

Found another goodie. Job Design… I kind of love the look of this and this is the only rear that I would consider changing out to quad tips because it flows well. It’s aggressive, but not just a “lip kit” like Wald. Aghh having such a hard time with aero because once you choose it, there’s no turning back and your wallet is just a black hole.

It was significantly easier with the STi because there really wasn’t much choice. From what I can remember at the time, there was INGS which is ugly and then Varis which was, and still is the best looking kit for the GR chassis. Everything else was lip kits like chargespeed and then replica knock offs that didn’t do much for me mainly because everyone had it and I wanted something different.

Now with the LS – there’s aggressive, there’s subtle, there’s everything in between and they all look good. I just hate the feeling of buying something and regretting it later because I didn’t spend enough time thinking about it… Brutal.

world_LS600H&L_front world_LS600H&L_rear

Haven’t converted those prices yet but they look high. That’s all I’m sayin’…

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