Honda Mondays

Had to dig deep for this. We’ll call it Honda Mondays… Mainly because I have nothing interesting to post that would interest any of you and if another Monday comes up where I don’t have content again, It’s easy enough to say it’s Honda Mondays all over again. So in a sense, I’m setting myself up for the future – proactive.

Anyways, this is quite the throwback – mainly because this car has gone through tons of changes since I’ve shot this. I think this was about 3 years ago – when Terence first bought it, he really wanted to stick with simple and functional. He got a track sized set of CE28’s, he got the Mugen wing, simple aero, Spoon exhaust and I believe they were HKS coilovers. Almost a few months after I shot it, the changes went from simple to a more aggressive track set up with a J’s wing, more aggressive RE30’s paired with Spoon monoblocks, a J’s hood ASM fenders after a small spin out at Race City during one of our track days.

The s2000 is long gone, and Terence is now the owner of an NSX – the dream car of every Honda owner.

Either way, both stages of this s2000 was awesome. Even with all the aftermarket support of the S2000, it’s tough to be original but it’s also tough to make one look bad unless you really didn’t know what you were doing…

IMG_1386 copy

Novice rolling shots lolIMG_1420 copy

This shot made it into Import Tuner in 2009 I believe. Can’t remember anymore…IMG_1463 copy

Not sure what was up with all my angles. Still gets a good shot of the paint thoughIMG_1501 copy

Another one.IMG_1558 copy

IMG_1572 copy

This was probably the best shot haha. Even then, the angles and composition was weird. The S2000 just makes the pictures look better. 🙂

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