New Mats for the LS

Another small update to the LS… I ordered some weathertech floormats about 4 weeks ago since the car never came with all season mats and the original owner just used the carpet. In his defense though, he did a pretty good job at keeping them pretty clean… I always always always need rubber mats in all my cars – often overlooked, but it does add that final touch to the car. Ripped and dirty carpet just takes away from the interior – especially if the rest of your interior is on point.

Anyways, I was able to pick them up today – btw thanks to Punit for holding them for me until I could come get them. I hate when they deliver it and a signature is required because technically I won’t be able to get it till the next day anyway…

Small update, but attention to detail at this point is all that matters to me.

IMG_0604 copy

My ghetto newspaper floormats until I got them. LOL I’m super paranoid about keeping the interior clean.IMG_0608 copy

The fronts. It actually looked like shit inside the car – I hated it so much.IMG_0609 copy

The new mats…IMG_0610 copy

Some good quality stuff. Way better than the OEM stuff which is more expensive… I was about to get the OEM ones but they actually discontinued them so I went this route instead. Glad I did too.IMG_0613 copy

Driver side. Looks so much better.IMG_0614 copy

Passenger side.IMG_0615 copy

The back. I was hoping it was going to be the “over the hump” mat, but this still works. No one will really sit in the back anyway hahaIMG_0618 copy

The old carpet. As you can see – pretty good condition for a pretty much 6 year old car…

I think those are all the parts I’ve been waiting for now. I’ve been talking with James from VIP’d out to see if I can get my hands on a front tray… Can’t decide if I want to commit yet. I could get that or a Joe Z exhaust… But I also promised myself not to spend anymore money on the LS for now… aghhh

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