Cee’s Honda S2000 – Favourites

Here’s quite the throwback – I don’t think I’ve looked at these pics in a long time…

This was the first shoot that we ever did for illmotion when it first started up. Simple and clean S2000 on some TE37’s, a T1R exhaust, OEM hardtop and a carbon lip – good to go. It never really takes much to make an S2000 look good, and even if the owner decides to go the extra mile to go with the race set up, it looks equally as good. It’s going to be one of those timeless cars that just never really goes out of style.

I’ve been trying to find some “IMissSummer” posts and I always get sidetracked with these other pics. I’m going to try and find pics of where we all just chill – I think it’s a little refreshing to see other than just cars all the time. Gives a “behind the scenes” feel and I think that’s what makes summer so much better – the hanging out.

Some small updates that I just got, my weathertech floormats are finally on their way to me after a 4 week wait time for production. Brutal, but it’s not like I need them now anyway… I just wanted to get rid of the ghetto newspaper laying all over the floor in the car haha – it really kills it. Nick also informed me that the SSR’s are just about complete, the wait time to ship it here is the reason it’s taking so long though. Again – still early, so I’m not in a huge rush to get them… I’m just anxious to get them. Tires is another dent to the wallet – nobody buys 21″ low profile tires here.

IMG_6646 copy

IMG_6655 copy

Monochromatic.IMG_6662 copy

Loved the T1R exhaustIMG_6671 copy

We’ve used this spot a few times over the years. The last car we shot here was Daniel’s BMW M3 GT. IMG_6780 copy

First time using strobes as well. Black is awesome when it’s clean.IMG_6792 copy

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