TSX Mondaze

Just to kick off your Monday, let’s take a look back at some pics I didn’t get around to editing or I’ll re-edit them differently… This is around the time I start doing #IMissSummer posts because it’s almost there, but we still have to live through a few more weeks of lame weather. It’s that time where everyone is starting to gather parts and get things done.

Doing some of the photos of Eric’s car made me think I had to have SOME photos that I haven’t edited yet because it either didn’t work well with the set or I didn’t like it at the time. Let’s start off with Justin and Barb’s TSX’s…

IMG_4782 copyThis was a super tight spot to get into… Happy we got the shot though.
IMG_4818 copyAnother angle of when we were in an alley downtown. I actually loved this spot.

IMG_4869 copyChillin’ getting some ice cream.

IMG_4870 copy

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