Eric’s Civic Si – Favourites

Now for something a little different than the Lexus – probably getting tired of looking at it anyway lol.

A looooong time ago, Eric had asked me to shoot his car and of course I agreed – I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to shoot. For some reason, I think things got lost and slipped through the cracks and I don’t know why, but I never ended up editing them for some reason. Anyways, he had posted the one shot I sent him on instagram and it just reminded me of it again. I’m glad he did because who knows how long this would’ve sat unedited! This works great because I’ve been going on a #imisssummer trip on IG because I’m dying to just chill in nice weather again.

Anyways – here’s the set. I didn’t end up getting too many pics which is unfortunate. However, Eric’s car is now sitting on mag blue TE37’s which looks killer. I did enjoy the Advan RZ set up though – I always wanted that wheel back when I had my Civic too so it was nice to see on his. Most people I talked to hated the RZ’s and preferred RS’s… I don’t know why cause I think they’re just basic looking wheels… Or maybe I’m just crazy.

Eric’s car is another good example of simple and clean. Not much is needed to get a car looking good – as you can see here…

IMG_5992 copy

FreshIMG_5997 copy

IMG_5999 copy

Minty.IMG_6003 copy

Love the stance too. The 8th gen Si’s are so much better than the new ones – exterior wise. So much could be done to it… I don’t see much potential with the newer ones personally.IMG_6013 copy

Loved this profile shot.IMG_6129 copy

The obligatory rollers 😉IMG_6142 copy

This has got to be one of my favourite rollers ever. It just turned out so clean and the sun was setting at the perfect time. It’s also on Beddington – I shopped out the light poles and stuff so it looks like we’re cruising the coast (I wish). IMG_6170 copy

Close up of the wheel.IMG_6173 copy


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