LS Cruisin’

Once again – a nice Saturday with not much to do forced me to take the LS out for a little and do some driving in luxury and enjoy the weather. I usually just slap on my Civic plate and then go driving around and getting a feel for the car. One thing that I’m definitely not used to is the size of this car. It’s so big that taking turns is not as graceful or nimble as the STI or even the Civic for that matter. It seems to just roll into the turns like a big whale and eventually it’ll get through the turn.

On the flip side, the power of the LS’s V8 is just crazy. It’s definitely beastly and it is faster than the STI – the pick up is just a bit slow… Not that I’m complaining or anything 🙂

Anyways – I also wanted to take some new pics with the Tsuna and the Level ONE sticker – nothing exciting, but it does add to the car and it makes me even more anxious for the wheels to come. Only two more months until the LS comes out I think…

IMG_0556 copy

The cockpit. An awesome place to be.

IMG_0558 copy

Stopped at the park for a snap…IMG_0575 copy

And went to the only dead spot I knew that was nearby. I like the spot too no matter what time of day it is, you’ll have sun and a nice spot.IMG_0583 copy

Love this.

IMG_0587 copy

Dat assIMG_0588 copy

Level ONEIMG_0589 copy

Kind of a profile shot. I still can’t get over how small those 19’s look lol. With the new wheel and tire setup, it should be tucking just the top of the rim. IMG_0598 copy

Last one with the lights on. Needs some WALD or something…

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