Junction Produce Tsuna

Got my Junction Produce Tsuna in the mail today – thanks to Niloy for hooking it up.

I’m pumped to put this on, but I’m hesitant because I don’t wanna put it on a stock LS lol. We’ll see how long it’ll take before I can’t stand seeing it sitting there anymore and just put it on. It’s pretty sick and I’ve always wanted one since way back but could never justify it on either the Civic or the STI. haha

Now I gotta decide if I wanna add a Fusa too…

IMG_0525 copy

FancyIMG_0528 copy

Fancy instructions.IMG_0529 copy

Fancy silk cushion.IMG_0532 copy

Fancy thread.IMG_0533 copy

Fancy clips. lol

2 thoughts on “Junction Produce Tsuna

    • whoa that’s crazy hahaha
      I like the string one though.. I’ll probably do it down the road when the car looks a bit better haha

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