More VIP Goodness

Some new (to me) aero I found while doing more searches. It’s crazy how many companies there are that I’ve never even heard of or seen anywhere. Probably cause I’m not familiar with the VIP scene at all – but dang, it’s crazy. You see a lot more “crazy” body kits than simple ones when you dig deep. I’m really digging the Freedom Legion one of all the ones I found…

1) G Answer – diggin’ the rear on G Answer’s LS. Sideskirts and front bumper not so much.




2) Artisan Spirits – There’s a little bit of Wald here. That or Wald has a little bit of Artisan Spirits. The rear bumper and fenders are smokin’. Still not feelin’ the front bumper and skirts though. It seems like the skirts don’t change much on most of the aftermarket kits. Wald is the exception and the front bumper is just always a hit or a miss – a lot of the older VIP cars like the President or Celsior are more boxy and have awesome looking kits.artisan2

Looks awesome from the rear quarter.artisan


3) Freedom Legion – Now this is a little better. The sideskirts are a bit bigger and hang lower. The fenders look like Artisan Spirits. The front bumper is almost exactly like Wald and the rear I’m not a fan of, partly because they got rid of the cool stock exhaust opening and created a faux quad. freedomlegion2 freedomlegion

As I think about all of this, I think a blend of kits here and there would look nice together – except it’s almost bastardizing the LS if I did it. The Wald fender kit and sideskirts, Artisan Spirits rear bumper, INGS+1 front lip and Freedom Legion roof and trunk spoiler. If I ever get the chance, I’m going to see if I can photoshop that and see how it’ll look.

In the meantime, I’ve been hurtin’ to just drive the car but I gotta do a lot of “housekeeping” before I can consider it nice. The driver door has small dings in it that I didn’t even see when I picked up the car – that shouldn’t be too hard or expensive to fix. The passenger side front and rear door both have hard dings and clearcoat missing – not sure what’s up with that. But I took the plunge when I bought the car because I knew Dave at Screamin’ would be more than willing to help a brother out. Lastly – I took the VIN to Lexus and apparently only oil changes have been done on it but that’s all that Lexus could find since the original owner took it to another shop to get it done. So just to be safe, I’m going to take it in to get it all checked out. Also found out there were two recalls that weren’t done so that will be fixed for free. What a headache!

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