#levelone Part II

Just wanted to give a shout out to Galen and the levelone guys over in Toronto for hooking it up again. I’ve always loved their cars and every single one of them is done up right – no BS. I also love that it’s just a close group of friends not looking for public exposure or anything so I enjoy repping them.

I loved the decal on the STI and I was even more excited to get another one for the LS. Galen happily sent some over for JC and I for the new whips to rock this summer and I can’t wait for the day to come…

Anyways – kind of a lame predicament to be in but I’m not sure whether I should put it on the back or the front of the car. A majority of levelone cars have it up front – my problem is the size. The decal itself is pretty friggin big on it’s own but as you can see.. the LS dwarfs this too. Pretty much anything next to the LS looks like a midget – this sticker included. Anyways what do you guys think? I’m leaning towards the front…

IMG_0508 copy

Still one of my favourite decals. Simple and unique.

IMG_0510 copy

Shot of the rear.IMG_0516 copy

Full shot. I think it’ll only work on the rear if I have a roll call – not sure if I want to do that though.IMG_0518 copy

Front. Look how tiny that is hahaIMG_0520 copy

Another shot. It should also be paired up with a Junction Produce tsuna soon… Now that I think about it, that tsuna will look hella small too haha

IMG_0514 copy

As I was leaving the garage, I noticed the TE’s sitting there still. So hard to sell these wheels because nobody wants to fork out the cash for them but everybody wants the nicest shit.

Although, I’m not too concerned if they don’t sell – these are one of those wheels I’d happily keep forever. Especially at the cost they are nowadays… Maybe I’ll just bring them in and make them into a table like I’ve always wanted.

12 thoughts on “#levelone Part II

      • You sure, because 18×9.5 +22 is exactly what I need. Make me an offer shipped to 11411, I have a set in the same color and size but only need one. You can make a table out of the 1 and sell the other two later down the line. People always need spares.

      • Sorry – not going to do that. I have never met someone who has needed one TE37 in that size in white. Ever.

      • Well now you have lol but no prob it was worth a try to ask. Anyhow, nice work with your blog and sti and Ls please feel free to browse my blog as well.

      • lol yeah – sorry and thanks for understanding.
        Thank you for the compliments! I checked it out, but it brings me to the godaddy.com domain – just FYI.

    • LOL all good! It still looks nice. I think it’ll be fine… We’ll see how it is when it’s out and on wheels! Thanks again!

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