Last LED Post

Well – I finally got my last shipment of LED’s in the mail today. Super pumped to replace a bunch… I was hoping that the rear vanity lights would’ve been the 194 bulb but they ended up being the festoon type… each side has 6 too and I didn’t order any of those. My fault for not checking first though…

Anyways, this is probably the least exciting LED post since they aren’t cool lights haha

IMG_0495 copy

The care package. They packed two bulbs per envelope so I ended up getting tons of bubble envelopes haha. Unnecessary but whatever.IMG_0497 copy

Did the door puddle lights. Super bright.IMG_0498 copy

Another look at how bright the interior is. Also shows how bright the door lights are too…IMG_0503 copy

Then lastly, my trunk. Pretty happy I got that done… Now I have nothing else to look forward to… hahahaha

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