Install: Map & Dome LED’s!

Well goody for me, my second shipment of LED’s came and these ones happen to be the ones for the map and dome lights. I was pumped for these ones since the interior lighting in the LS is so shitty. I don’t know why they would make the spot lights OEM LED and then cheap out and make the map and dome lights the tiny little yellow bulb.

Anyways, picked up these super white panel LED’s and they are awesome as shit. I always wanted to get them for the Subaru but was always too lazy – I don’t know why haha. Anyways, two high power SMD panels up front and one in the back makes for a lit up LS.

IMG_0475-2 copy

The panel. Comes with multiple connectors – I’m sure those of you that have done this are familiar with that.IMG_0477 copy

The shitty yellow ones that light up nothing.IMG_0481 copy

Comparison of the panel and the one bulb. Hard to tell in a picture…IMG_0489 copy

The view from the back with the front lit up. I didn’t touch the exposure so you guys could get a sense of how bright it was in there. Don’t mind the mess – I’m still trying to decide where to put the air suspension controller since it comes out of my glove box.IMG_0490 copy

The rear lighting. Lame.IMG_0491 copy

One panel in.IMG_0492 copy

Voila! Wow you can see the fridge now! hahahahaIMG_0493 copy

View from the outside. Love this LED magic. Now I am waiting for a few more… all the footwell lights will be swapped out, the door puddle lights and the vanity mirror lights in the rear…

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