Pursuit for the Perfect GS

Yesterday we went on a little field trip to check out some more GS’s for Punit. This was the first V8 model that we got the chance to look at – all the other ones were the hybrid versions. So far I think he’s taken a look at 3 – this one being the 3rd one. Time is starting to run out and if he’s going to get the GS ready for summer, he needs the car and he needs to start ordering the wheels and air suspension parts to get them ready for at least half the summer.

Field trip pics:

IMG_0432 copy

On our way in our beaters. IMG_0434 copy

When we got there, we checked out the lot and there it was sitting all clean – they just finished washing it. Felt a little bad cause we were just going to dirty it anyway haha. There were also a bunch of other sick cars on the lot that I should’ve taken pictures of now that I think about it… Damn.IMG_0435 copy

Hopped in and checked everything out. I mentioned before that it’s like a mini version of the LS haha it’s crazy. IMG_0436 copy

Your suspension dampening and other controls. The wood and leather in this one were mint.IMG_0438 copy

Nice back seats that really never looked like it carried anyone.IMG_0439 copy

Brand new rubber floor mats too. Even the carpets were mint. IMG_0440 copy

Funny that even in an ’08 they still put tape decks in. I don’t even think my Civic had that option… hahaIMG_0441 copy

Tape deck and LED map lights hahaha weird.IMG_0442 copy

The beastly V8. Sounds awesome.IMG_0443 copy

Taking it for a rip. A lot more push compared to the hybrid.IMG_0445 copy

Shots of the car… It’s an awesome car and in pretty good condition. You can never really expect the best since it’s a used car – I guess that’s the one thing you have to live with. IMG_0446 copy

Front quarter. Love the headlights on this. I’m just trying to imagine it dumped on air with some sick wheels.IMG_0448 copy

Another shot… maybe I’ll photoshop something here in a bit… stay tuned…

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