Aimgain LS600hL

You’ll be getting a lot of these types of posts from me until I can start taking pics of my car or other peoples’ cars. Doesn’t help that I took the car out and shot some pics last night and then overnight we get a lame blizzard that just destroys all hope that nice weather could be just over the horizon. But, it’s only January so I should know better – part of me just wishes that global warming actually made Canada warmer, sooner… LOL that’s bad to say, but I just hate cold and snow. I need to move to Vegas – that’s my second home.

Anyways, browsing the Club Lexus forums again and saw the supercharged Aimgain LS pop up. Cool, because we’ve got some pics from Galen who shot some pics at the Tokyo Auto Salon for illmotion a while back. Peep his blog (

I remember looking at his coverage pics and thinking “god damn I want an LS so bad” and then thinking about how much it was and I died. Weird to think that now I have an LS and essentially a blank slate to do this. The front is quite aggressive – like I mentioned before, it seems that’s the direction “VIP” is going in Japan with the new kits that are coming out. I do like this aero better than the Black Pearl though. The front looks sort of M3-ish.


Look at this pimp polishing it up. (Different LS BTW – this LS is for this years’ TAS)6696324163_c829ca46d8_o

M3 resemblance in the lower center area.6696324637_1f5c4f726f_o

Love the GIIM’s. Was originally going to go with these, but felt that the mesh wasn’t my style.6696329419_4294be7745_o

Love the trunk/duckbill 6738417133_73667d58b9_o

Need me a BBK down the road too…


Another shot of the rear. An aggressive rear on the LS looks awesome since it’s so big.


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