LS Itch

Today was super nice and when I got home from work, I just had the urge to take the LS out for a little bit longer and do a photoshoot, play with the air controller a bit, and just enjoy it for a bit.

Crazy because it was about +6 this afternoon and we’re gonna get to -21 overnight. Tomorrow isn’t gonna be pretty…

Anyways – I took her out for a quick rip and the light was setting quick so I just went to the church lot I always end up going to to take quick pics and got ‘er done… It looks way better out in the open and dumped rather than just on my driveway or in the garage.

IMG_0397 copy

The cockpit.

IMG_0399 copy

Oh Canada. lol that was unintentional btw.IMG_0409 copy

The lighting wasn’t good and the white balance was all over the place. Pink/red sunset, yellow/orange lights, white snow and a grey/slate car haha. Either way, it looks awesome. It’s hard to believe that those are 19’s on there… the LS just dwarfs whatever it’s beside or on.IMG_0424 copy

The obligatory Instagram pic hahaIMG_0430 copy

Also played around with some of the settings. PWR + SPORT is the shit. This V8 is beastly… it even sounds awesome. I need to find me a Joe Z axleback…

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