Black Pearl Diamond Line LS

Saw a post from a fellow LS IG’er last night of an 07-09 LS that looked like it had the newer fascia bumper. I love the new Lexus fascia because it’s so aggressive. It seemed like everyone was going for the Evo front grill look with minor modifications and changes. Currently, the only two grill designs that have come out that catch my eye is from Lexus and Audi.

Anyways, upon further investigation – it turned out to be a bodykit from Black Pearl. It’s their Diamond series of their “Jewelry Line”. Kind of confusing but irrelevant… anyways from the posts I’ve made of various LS’s you’ll see that a lot of the Japanese companies are slowly making VIP into an aggressive and more “in your face” look. They’re moving away from the subtle lips and skirts like we see from Junction Produce and Wald here. Aimgain has even come out with a super aggressive kit that is similar to Black Pearl’s and it’s bad ass.

If someone here did this, it would most likely catch a ton of hate for not walking down the beaten path. In a few years, if VIP ever really comes here properly, I bet this will be the new trend. It’s like the GT wing trend that seems to be coming up more and more lately – speaking of which – I miss my wing so much.

Anyways – peep the pics. Attention to detail all over. Rear is crazy.

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6 thoughts on “Black Pearl Diamond Line LS

    • Totally agree.. but it almost steps outside of the VIP styling that we’re used to. I want to try it, but can’t decide.. lol

  1. Agree, very VIP and much much aggressive than a lot of kits out there!
    Only problem is how can we order such stuff from out there.

    A dealer here quoted me around $4000 just for the shipping!
    x2 the price of the kit itself.

  2. Hi,
    My name is Dinh. I have an 08 LS600hL. I would like to have a body kit like that. Can you tell me where I can get it and how much would it be. Thanks

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