Throwback: Allan and Ray’s Bimmers

Missin’ summer a bit more than usual today. The cold front has hit us and we’re sitting at -30C with the windchill for the next few days. This makes Vegas’ -10C look like a hot day on the beach in Mexico.

Whenever I start to miss summer I usually just go through some of my older pics and re-edit them. I really can’t wait for this summer and I say that every year, but every year everyone steps it up a notch with their cars and it ends up being a really sick summer. You don’t think you can top it and then all of the sudden, everyone kills it all over again. I’m particularly excited to really get started on the LS and to see JC’s new CT done up. Lots of things happening this year and it’s going to be something to look forward to. I’m crossing my fingers for Driven to come back again this year and I’m hoping the LS will be somewhat finished before then.

Anyways… here’s something to tide you over.

BTW I’m super pumped for Christmas. Always a good time exchanging gifts and getting together.

IMG_2028 copy

IMG_2043 copy

IMG_2050 copy

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