Lexus TLC

The weather ended up being super nice today which is awesome cause I’ve been wanting to go out to the garage and spend some time polishing it up and give it some detailing. I really only half ass washed it a few days after I took it home and dried it carelessly. I’m a real stickler when it comes to washing and drying my cars. I hate swirls with a passion – that’s the only bad thing about having a dark car. But when it looks good, it’s amazing.

I was waiting on a package from auto obsessed with new detailing pads and polishes but somehow it went from Edmonton to Winnipeg… when it should’ve just came to Calgary 3 hours away… Kind of annoying. Anyways, I did with my pretty beat pad and did about half the car. I wanted to get some of it out of the way. Worked out well too – I’m kind of upset though cause a bunch of things you wouldn’t see when you purchase the car show up when you take it home. It didn’t help that when I went to go see the car, it was dirty and shit. Oh well – I can’t expect everything to be perfect. In time, it’ll come out minty again. I’ll just have to deal with the minor imperfections for now.

Anyways – a few pics of my progress.

IMG_0341 copy

A pic of the swirls. You can see it in the top left. Pretty bad swirling.

IMG_0348 copy

I didn’t really take pics of my progress because who really wants to see polishing sitting on a car? Anyways I finished up and it turned out nicely. I did one pass with SSR 2.5. I will do one more pass with the new stuff when it arrives and when I have time again. I’m going to make this thing sparkle as much as it can before it gets driven.

IMG_0349 copy

No more swirls! Lexus clearcoat is actually pretty soft and didn’t take much time to correct. Plus, I was lucky because it didn’t look like the previous owner used those brushes or anything harsh to wipe or dry the car. It was pretty much just normal wear and tear so it was easy to fix.

IMG_0350 copy

One half done…

The next time I probably end up taking pictures of the car, I might have a few new mods on 😉

I leave to Vegas tomorrow morning! So I probably won’t have many posts for the week. Maybe I’ll post some Vegas updates when I can.

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