2012 Wrap Up – Part VIII

September. This was the last month I got to drive the STI before my insurance ended and I had to put it away. To be honest, I was about 50% sure that I was ever gonna drive it again because I wanted a new car. At the time, I didn’t know what. I played around with the idea of the FRS still, the 370z was kind of on the list but I hadn’t entertained the idea enough to be serious.
Anyways, moving right along…


We shot Barb’s and Justin’s TSX’s that day. I’m not a fan of dual shoots primarily because it’s hard to shoot two cars but it ended up turning out super sick. It was cool cause they both had CE’s too lol.

JC and I chillin in our usual spot for a few hours while waiting for people to show up.

Finally everyone showed up – Steve was on the other side haha

Parked in some roundabout – grabbed some village ice cream and relaxed a bit.

Barb and Justin’s TSX’s

Corey and I parked under that walkway I posted about. Corey if you ever read this, can I please buy my wheels back? Please.

Some random shot I took. Weird because it wasn’t really an accident and I know I took it for a reason. I even thought to myself “I’m going to take this picture and post it”. I’ve been looking at it and I don’t know what the hell I would or could even write about it except that somehow my arm is in there and there’s nothing significantly special about this picture at all. What a dumbass haha

Chillin. JC mean mugging the po po probably.

Outside of Five Guys.

Justin’s CE’s

Barb’s CE’s

We all decided that it was kind of a long day so we made our way to Five Guys and had lunch.

Look at the voltex shadow. $5 says you can see it from space.

My favourite rolling shot with the new c-train overpass in the background.

The light and shadows work well here with Justin’s car. Black wheels on a white car is also my worst nightmare.

Simple yet neck breaking.

See why black wheels are my worst enemy?

And finally – some of the shots that came out.

Some more chillin’. We also shot Ryan’s 1M that day and then shot JC’s car. It started getting to the point where I was out of ideas of where to shoot cars cause we shot so many lol.

Corey and I. I want my old wheels back so bad! LOL

Corey doing some shooting. A little different than the video clips he’s been doing most of the time for us.

Under the walkway to the saddledome. I loved this spot.

Parked outside one of the nicer hotels in the downtown area with black tile. Ryan’s 1M would’ve looked sweet in there. Unfortunately we got denied and we couldn’t come in…

I decided to try something new for rolling shots so I asked JC if we could put his seats down, open the trunk, and let me lay down so I could get some shots head on. There are a few downsides to this idea – there is a possibility the trunk would fall back down and chop my neck off or knock me unconscious for god knows how long. It is stunting and we could get a ticket. We can’t go very fast or else bad shit could happen. Luckily Aubrey was around and agreed to help us out. She joined me in the trunk holding up the trunk while JC drove around and Ryan followed close behind. She looks unhappy in this picture but she actually isn’t – it’s cause the sun was shining down on us in the trunk and it was bright. I swear. hahaha turned out good!

Ryan’s car does a good job of standing out and looks super aggressive with the RS’s. See the link to his feature and write up by JC. He killed this one.

iM Highlight: Ryan Dandurand’s BMW 1M

I loved this rolling shot.

The Quarry Park Show & Shine was also this month. It starts to get a little cooler during September for some days and it rained a bit that morning, but the rest of the day was pretty nice. It’s a cool place to see a lot of the baller cars that the city has to showcase.

The site.

We were allowed to go inside, and I’m not sure if we were allowed all the other years but this place was nice as heck. It even smelled like new home haha

There was also a theater that was open for viewing little videos of cars and stuff. So baller… it didn’t even look like it’s been used so I decided to break it in by putting my feet up haha

A few of my favourite cars of the show…

The Aventador was probably the sickest there, mainly because of the exclusivity of it. The owner was super chill too. There was a kid looking at it and he offered to let him sit in it! There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing a modest, down-to-earth rich guy.

Porsche GT3 – he kind of just did a round and left I think. Still sick nonetheless.

Group shot of white supremacy. #NoRacist

My favourite car on our side. S14 on Meister S1R’s. DAYUM

Got a chance to check out Punit’s S2000 cluster too. Looks super sick.

Later on in the day Punit decided that he wanted to buy some raffle tickets so he ended up splurging on 35 tickets and got JC and I to fill out every single one. LOL worth it? Well, Punit won something. You’ll see at the end…

Errol’s freshly finished Amuse S2000. Really sick.

We also got a chance to shoot Daniel’s BMW M3 GTR. Crazy beast of a car. He switches between track mode and DD mode with different sets of wheels and swaps the wing off sometimes. It’s kind of beat up aesthetically but rightfully so – it does what it was built to do.

Met at the same place as always – East Village… we should call it Chill Village.

Took the Civic today. Since gas prices went up almost $0.10/L on Wednesday, I was running around on Empty in the STI. Mainly because the news said it was supposed to go back down within 24-48 hours. Here we are on a Sunday and it’s still up. I hate filling gas so much that I drive everyone else’s car except for mine so I can save it HAHA

Not too long after, Justin showed up in the M3. Beast.

First location…

We were taking pics by the train track and with our luck, a train passed by and tooted his horn at us. Once the train passed, a cop came by and chatted a bit. We thought he was gonna harass us like always, but he just wanted to drive it haha. I asked if we could get a shot of the M3 with his car but he said no. Instead, he gave us some location ideas that he’s seen. JC is talking to him and checking out his map to see where to go next. haha too bad all cops weren’t all cool like this guy.

We entered some truck graveyard in the location that the cop told us to go to. It was dusty as f*ck. After shooting inside, on the way out I decided to e-brake drift the Civic for fun haha.

White sidewalls haha. Oh well – gave me a reason to wash it since my sister never does X_X

Chillin in the last area. Got the rolling shots and I had to get going…

On the way home I spotted Devon on Deerfoot. I creeped like mad and caught up to him and just started snapping pics haha. Super clean.

If someone asked me what was the weirdest memory of summer 2012 – it’d be this day. LOL
We went to go shoot Devon’s EG and bike that day, but things took a huge left turn and shit got awkward… Read on.

Chill village. Upon our arrival, we found out that we couldn’t park where we usually do because it looked like all the food trucks were gathering there for some event. Not sure what it was – didn’t really care. Here’s a shot of the Family Fry Guy truck just heading in. Sorry for the super crooked picture haha

JC chillin. We’re still waiting for everyone to come.

After everyone’s arrival, we headed out to some place that I can’t remember. I honestly don’t really care where we go – I just take pictures. It was a pretty sweet place though. On the way here we were followed by a cop thinking we were ridin’ dirty. Once we pulled over, we just got out and pretended to look at the beautiful scenery. HA.

Devon’s helmet. Love what he’s done with the illmotion sticker on it.

We then made our way up the hill. Still don’t remember what the area was called and once again – I don’t really care. It was a nice view, but it was a tough spot to shoot.

Here we are. Chillin outside someones property. People drive by and gawk while we gawk back. Some people stop for a second to see what’s going on and probably to make fun of my wing. Here’s where it gets interesting…

A girl in a Mazda3 drove by and ended up parking about 30 meters away from where we were shooting. She came out and walked up to us – I’m going to be honest, at first I thought we were all up on her property and she was about to give us hell for being there. I even had in my mind a full story all ready within the 5 seconds it took for her to get close. She asked if we were here for the motorcycle shoot as well. We were kind of confused because yes – we were there for a motorcycle shoot and it was Devon’s. But no – we didn’t remember being scheduled by anyone other than ourselves to shoot it and we didn’t know anyone else knew about it.

She explained that she was actually shooting for some other magazine or publication (I can’t remember what it was) and she was early. She asked if we wanted a bikini model and that she was bored and had time to spare. I looked over at Devon and asked if he wanted to do it and he said sure. Within seconds, her clothes were off and I’m going to be honest – I didn’t know what to do. I am by no means a model photographer – I don’t shoot people, I don’t shoot people with no clothes on and I’m not good at it at all. I don’t know how to position them or anything. So we get over to the bike and she gets on and Rich and I just start snapping pics. I have no idea how to shoot a bike, now I have to quickly find out how to shoot a bike with a girl in a bikini on it. Anyways – I wasn’t too keen on the whole idea, but I thought it’d be fun to just do it. She was bored, we were just chillin so why not. Maybe Devon enjoyed it haha

I don’t want to post my pictures. They suck. It’s like I just picked up a camera for the first time and I don’t know where to point it. It’s difficult when you need to give direction, it’s even more difficult when you don’t know how. Anyways – that was it. It was a quick 10 minutes before her actual photographer showed up. I think I’ll stick to shooting cars.

We made our way to Queens Park Cemetery. Thought it’d be cool to get some shots there. Punit got lost, we ended up chillin on the side of the road watching a funeral go by. Kind of a weird place to be because you want to be respectful but the whole idea of us being there just to shoot pictures kind of ruins it all. We didn’t stay too long.

A teaser roller shot of Devon’s bike and EG.

At our turn around point for the rolling shots, we all got out of the car and switched spots at a red light. We all knew where we had to go, but when one person gets confused, everyone gets confused. *cough JC*

Shotgun in Rich’s WRX.

Our endpoint.

Peep Rich’s rear. Custom STI quad exit. Looks bad ass.

Another shot of Devon’s helmet.

Because racecar.

We all parted ways and headed home on Stoney Trail. I decided to get some rollers of everybody on the way home. Dirty barrels!

Look at my wing. SICK.

Anyways that was our day. Tough to put it all into pictures for you guys to understand how random it ended up being.

Coles notes: Scheduled to shoot car and bike. Head out and get followed by cop. Go up to see city skyline. Random bikini model comes and asks us to shoot. Head to cemetery. Watch funeral pass by while Punit is lost. Eat Pho and park in shitty lot. Go to do rolling shots. The end. LOL!

Finally – the beyond.ca super meet that we usually all attend. It’s a nice way to close the season. It’s typically the same people that show up, some new faces come and you see lame burnouts and revving from the noobs that think it’s impressive blah blah blah.

On the way to the meet. Ricky’s car – he just got the rears cambered in. When it’s dumped it looks crazy! I always love to get a rolling shot whenever I drive around now haha

Lame traffic.

Al on his new Rotiforms.

That’s it for the single shots until tomorrow…

A shot of a quarter of the turnout…

Aldo’s Merc. Nice and clean. I’m a fan of the non-smoked headlights and tail lights for this season.

Kanji’s Integra.

Super clean R32 on TE37SL’s.

FRS. It’s nice to see them getting changed so quick. I think the first modification on these cars should be wheels and coils. The body is pretty aggressive on it’s own that it really only needs complimentary mods.

Fit + roof rack. Nice.

Bill’s Focus. Looking clean as always. Bringing the domestic flavour around wherever he goes haha


Ricky’s GTI with his new dialed in fitment in the rear. His fender no longer sits inbetween the lip and tire – which was bad ass. But this is an even better look IMO. His car looks so sick.

The black series.

Matte red! simple and clean.

Shane’s Integra on RG’s

The BMW shoe. Still sick.

Justin’s TSX. A dumped white car always looks so good. Justin’s and Ricky’s are perfect examples.

Simple STI.

I’m beginning to become a fan of the new line of Domestics coming out. The Camaro, Mustang, Shelby’s, etc… when you put some crazy wheels and lower them, they look mean as #&$@.

Clean ITR

A mint MR2

One of my favourites of the night – Audi RS4 on ADV1’s

Another clean gem. 300zx on bronze Varrstoens.

Sasa’s “old” TSX. Just sold to another individual.


Ryan’s 1M.

Rhys’s 911.

Ryan’s racecar EP3

Derrick’s Integra

Corey’s Civic. I miss dem wheels…

Andy’s dumped Skyline.

Darren’s Mugen DC5. Grids up front, Gram lights in the back. I dig.

EVO X on an interesting color of gram lights I’ve never seen before.

Another one of my favourits… 350Z on candy blue Varrstoens

Mario’s newly acquired TSX dumped on Green CE’s

Errol’s Amuse S2000 in the flesh.

Fiat 500 Abarth.

Gangster D’s Spoon S2000

Still probably my favourite of all the cars – mainly cause he got the fitment on those S1R’s so perfect. I hate the S1R’s – but I love them on this.

Jackie showing up late in his NSX

Same with Steve

Paul’s EK

I’ve always been a fan of the GS’s. Dump it and put nice wheels on it and boom.

***End September/Part VIII***
This is starting to get super lengthy LOL. I hope my blog can handle 4 more lol.

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