2012 Wrap Up – Part VII

Just a few more months to go. We’re in July!
Hot weather, all the nice whips are out, only the good stuff coming your way…

Shot Danny’s STI for illmotion this day. I also wanted to take shots of both our cars – such a sick combo.


Went out to go shoot more stuff like we did every weekend. I met Ryan Venzon for the first time this summer who used to shoot for Fatlace. He had a rig as well and he tried it out on my car too. Turned out awesome.

Attaching to the hood.

Adjusting and making sure all is good.

Another one of the highlights to remember for the summer was the trip to Puerto Vallarta with Diana. Such an awesome week – we didn’t want to come back. If I was rich, I’d live there to be honest. The people, the weather, the place – too awesome. We’re already looking for our next trip for next year.

This was the night we got there. Beautiful sunset – chairs onlooking the pools and beach below with an overflow pond surrounding you.

We decided to sit and relax for the night after the plane ride. There weren’t many activities to do anyway.

The next morning – a shot of the beach and pools from our balcony. Awesome view.

I was chillin while Diana was still sleeping. Like always.

A night time shot of the area below. Still beautiful.

Everyday there was a schedule of things to do. Events every hour, drink specials, reminders, drink of the day, which restaurants were open. This was your map for the day.

Sometimes when we didn’t want to do any of the events at night, we’d borrow movies. Thor was one of them since I still hadn’t seen it.

I also replaced the back of my iphone glass because the lens was all scratched. I neglected to pay the $20 replacement fee and this is what happens. I had to ghetto repair it with tape.

This was a cool feature we didn’t figure out until the second or third day. The switches allow or not allow the maids to come in, should you need service.

Right beside the resort was a grocery store that I was dying to check out because I wanted to find some cool snacks that we didn’t have here. We bought bags of things and ended up only paying about $13 USD. So crazy.

Crazy flavoured popcorn that I’ve never seen before.

Bracelets. On the beach, there are beach vendors that sell things like bracelets, dresses, hats, sunglasses and henna tattoos. Diana and I went through this bracelet craze cause it was super “mexican” looking and it looked good with our beach wear hahahaha.

The poolside chairs.

The main pool with the swim up bar.

Our resort from the beach.

My ride or die.

Our last night. Diana packing up all our things. Sad day…

On the plane home.

Finally – the best part is we got the emergency exit seats so we get the super luxurious leg room.

Another great thing that was accomplish with illmotion was our cheque to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. With the help of everyone at Driven, we were able to raise $1100 to donate to the kids. We went to the hospital the day I got back from Mexico and got a free tour of the hospital then took a pic with the cheque. Good job!

I did a full and careful detail on the car for the first time all summer. Having white wheels is a b*tch – anyone will tell you that. But when they are clean, they are wicked. I think I waxed and cleaned them every few days.

Before shot. It doesn’t look as bad because I actually forgot to take pics before I hosed it down with water. It got quite a bit out but it’s pretty much stuck on there.

I wiped my fingers across the spoke. Boy, do I miss that nice white haha

More brake dust.

Those exhaust tips. You literally can’t even see any of the blue or purple that should be there. It looks like that Noir muffler by Apex’i haha.

Then my laziness took a turn for the worse and I ended up spending another $8.99 on this lame ass brush. In retrospect – it was a waste of money LOL.

So I sprayed the new stuff on and waited for a few minutes… Didn’t look like it did anything to be honest.

Boom. The white TE37 I once knew when I first got them. The spray itself didn’t really remove anything because it said that I could just spray it off. I ended up just wetting the brush and scrubbing it off. It worked better than soap for sure, but I don’t know if I’d buy it again.

Inside the wheel is still dirty. Again, too lazy to get in there unless I have to…

I also polished up my exhaust tips and the bumper surrounding it because it gets stained to a nasty yellow/brown after a few days of driving from the downpipe. I thought I was going to have to re-burn it again but thankfully it stayed. I’ve missed it too LOL.

We finally went out and did a shoot of Almond’s G wagon. I had been wanting to shoot it for a while… not everyday you see a sick SUV around here.

Damn nice BBS’s…

We got to the top of the Banker’s Hall parkade and were setting up as we saw this dude. It’s like +25 C and he’s out there washing windows. Scary as hell

JC’s Corolla

Sneaked a few shots of our cars on top since it was a nice view.

A quick shot of JC’s Corolla rolling with the fisheye. I think this was the first rolling shot I’ve taken of his car since he put the wheels on. Lookin’ good

Chillin in the backseat getting ready to do rolling shots of the the G wagon…


July was pretty quiet. By this time, everybody had their parts on and we were just chillin most of the time trying to get the most out of the summer. We were getting ready for Sunday School in August…

The two shirts we got made for Diana and Cindy to man the registration table that day…

This is getting super tedious LOL. Only 5 more months to go! hahaha
***End July/Part VII***

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