2012 Wrap Up – Part VI

Moving on and it just keeps getting better and better. June is here and by now, everybody is in a rush to get everything done for the Driven car show. I especially remember Ricky anxiously trying to get everything done for the show on time. Let’s start off with him.

I think this was like a Monday – I went to his house and we put the wheels on the car and was working on little things until a bit after midnight. Worth it though.

Raised up. Stock wheels. Oettinger bumper though. So good.

Wheels on and cleaning up.

Getting ready to pull in and set the ride height.

Oh man.

Fronts went all the way down and there’s about an inch or so from the front bumper to the ground.

Underglow lol. Nah it’s just his sidemarker dangling haha

Rear fitment. Can’t believe how perfect this is. Sits right between the wheel and tire like he wanted. We left the blue tape on just so we wouldn’t scratch the lip just incase.

Anyways – with less than 5 hours of sleep, Ricky came by this morning and we cleaned the car up, put the center caps on and did a bunch of other little things. Looks so good with the blue tape pulled off.

Enjoying some chocolate cheerios while Ricky washes his car for the first time since November I think.

So good.


If only the Civic was the same way as I had it two years ago. I kind of regret parting it out now 😦

Sun hitting the wheel.

Went for a quick photoshoot – same spot I’ve used many times cause it’s easy, no traffic, and nice view.

Can’t get over how sick this looks and still without the sideskirts and wing.

See. Nice spot

Close up of his fitment.


The next morning, we went spent the day putting on his wing and sideskirts… moving quick. Also went to Terence to grab some new stickers for the whip.

The OSIR wing attachment. We used some fast cure eurothane to get the wing on since it was popping up on one end when you pushed the other side down. We ended up putting the glue on and taping the shit out of both ends and left it for a few hours while we worked on the sideskirts.

The three piece sideskirts. Such a pain.


Our work shop.

After a few hours we got it taped up. Had to drill the carbon and bolt it onto the first piece, then make sure that mounted up to the car. Finally, we had to make sure the third piece slipped in and also fit properly. It wasn’t a perfect fit but it was better than some other kits. Nothing some 3M couldn’t fix.

Taped up and aired out.

Took the tape off and voila! Peep the sick carbon underneath. Got it painted only halfway to show that.

Another shot of it.

Also put on his new sticker to match his panties haha

Once we finished it was still kinda early so I messaged Terence to ask him if he could make me some new stickers for Driven on Saturday – so we left there. Got a rolling shot of Ricky’s car. It was raining a bit so we put some tape on the sideskirt so the 3M wouldn’t get wet haha

Boom. So sick!

Terence doing his magic.

New logo 🙂

Nice and simple.

After MONTHS of waiting – JC finally received his wheels and we put them on right away. Look awesome in 18’s especially after his previous set was 17’s. Also went for a quick photoshoot afterwards.

By the time I got there, JC had already got the rear wheels mounted. Dayum. 18×8.5 +26 – fits perfectly. Just enough stretch and a nice height to compliment it.

JC doing work.

Out with the old, beat winter tires.

And in with the new. JC peeling off the blue protective tape revealing the nice chrome lip.

Honey Cocaine.

#KKK was back.


Douchebag parking. That was primarily my fault since I was first in. Ricky and I switched cars and I was going to fix myself but was too lazy. Nobody was around anyway. Must have been because I was sitting in Prashant’s douchemobile AMG yesterday. Rubbed off.

Anyways, we were just waiting for JC to wash his whip.

Random shot of Ricky’s wheels

Moved over to the church where it was completely dead. Gopesh also joined us earlier to check out the whip.

Finally, some unofficial shots of JC’s car on his new shoes. We’ll be shooting this soon!

One of the biggest highlights of the year for most of us was Driven 2012. Mainly because we didn’t receive a show in 2011 and made the trip down to BC for their DTP which was a bummer too cause it rained all day. It basically gave everyone a full year and a bit to get their cars ready with new revisions. The one good thing about skipping 2011 was that there would always be something new for the next show. People switched cars, new mods, new overhauls, etc. The bad thing about having one every year is there are very cars with changes worth seeing again. Some might have gotten new seats, or added different lugs, maybe they got an intake and exhaust now, but really – it’s not worth paying the $20 something bucks to come see cars that are 80% the same.
I think for the last 8 or 9 years, there has been the same two Civics with absolutely no changes that show up to the show. They are both stuck in the times of Fast and Furious with colored interiors, underglow and all that other stuff.

2012 was great because not only did a bunch of us get new cars and did complete changes – there were a bunch of new faces that joined us. Ricky with his GTI, Adam and his EK, we had Daniel’s Spoon S2000, Michael’s Supra. Sure, our booth was huge, but the goal was to showcase the very best of Calgary’s scene. At the time, I remember we all agreed that we wanted nothing but clean, well-thought out cars. Our booth did nothing but win that day. I was happy because both Ricky and I left with what we came there for. Months of prepping and getting everything ordered – worth it. Best of Show VW and Best of Show Subaru.

Let’s look back…
PS – more coverage here: http://illmotion.com/im-event-coverage-driven-2012-part-i/

Scott’s FG that ended up taking Best 8th Gen

Rich cleaning his WRX

Ricky’s GTI – so sick. Best of Show GTI

Ryan’s 1M on brand new Advan RS’s

Our chillzone

Ryan and Punit doing some finishing touches during the morning before the show starts.

Prashant on brand new springs and minty Volk G25’s

Quick shot of our booth during the day. JC manning the illmotion side. Naomi and Steph working their side. Boom. Teamwork.

And the Driven 2012 video coverage by Corey.

iM Film: Driven 2012 from illmotion on Vimeo.


Another one done for this wrap up!

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