2012 Wrap Up – Part V

Let’s continue with May. Man, this is starting to get really long to do hahaha

As a side note – thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes today! I used to reply back to everyone, but I think a “like” on facebook and a simple “thank you” on here will suffice. You guys all rock! Now I’m old enough to get cheaper insurance. Bingo.

Anyways – this is when it starts to get good so I guess I won’t slack off with the content. I’m sure there’s going to be something you haven’t seen over the year so I’ll post as much as I can!

At the beginning of May was a definitely a milestone for the STI this year. This was literally when I pretty much stopped spending money on it. The Varis kit was on, it just looked perfect to me.


As I mentioned before, parts were coming in and everyone was just anxious to get their shit on. Punit got his custom one-off re-barreled Regamasters by WheelFlip. Such a sick set… Kind of sad to think that there’s a good chance he’s going to get rid of them for the next project.

Punit starting to open his wheels – he didn’t even open them at the border to make sure they were OK haha

Shit load of tires.

Almost there… packed nicely at least.


Check out the lip on that shit. 16×9.5 +19


Went to take a quick snap of the group quick while they were unloading tires.

Another shot of the fresh new kit minus the carbon stickers I hadn’t put on yet

Gopesh’s GTI

Another shot of all the tires…

Prashant’s douchemobile tires. Nice and meaty.

Inside cleaning and waxing the wheels before mounting tomorrow. Hopefully I get some pics of it.

Nothing too crazy. However it was a Wednesday when we went to Prashant’s… I’m trying to remember why I wasn’t working or why the hell all of us were just doing hoodrat shit out in Chestermere LOL. We ended up getting Punit’s wheels mounted and going for a quick drive with the KEY’S wheel finally on and everything.

Derrick’s Teg.



Walking up to the garage – the car is already on the ground and they’re working on the interior…


Lots of stretch, but still looks pretty good. I was scared for him but he ended up pulling it off. No rubbing.

JC and Gopesh putting the interior back.

Some of Punit’s goodies…

Nice Key’s wheel… Suede is such a love/hate relationship.

Nikki and Adam stopped by as well in her Yaris.

Derrick’s Integra

Finally rolled out.

Profile shot..

Another exciting day. The beginning of this post up until now has all happened within a matter of three days I believe. One day my car was completed at the bodyshop, the next Punit’s car is out on the road and finally Ricky’s sick SSR’s came in. The pictures speak for themselves for his wheels. Which btw – I think are for sale too. 😉

His valve cover that we were painting that day.

Here we go.

SSR SP1’s in Spectrum Silver. BUT WAIT – it gets better.

Still gets better…

BOOM. Wait until you see these in the sun. It’s such a crazy finish that you have to see it in person.

You can see from a distance how it looks. On a sunny day these wheels would be killer.

haha a sheet saying who approved it all.

Put all the SSR decals on.

Another shot with the decal

It’s all in the details – SSR valve stems. Similar to Rays

Then we got to sanding and painted half of the valve cover. Got lazy and will finish the rest another day…

On May 6th – Ricky, Gopesh, Derrick, Thy, Punit, Prashant and I all went to Edmonton for their season opener meet. This was actually a super fun weekend. It was kind of up in the air whether we were going to go or not because it was snowing like crazy that morning but Edmonton was supposed to be nice. Good times… This is gonna be a long one.

Underexposed the shot so you could see the snow falling – this was at about 10AM. Not horrible, but not ideal either.

Fueling up with my Chocolate cheerios and checking my email before heading out.

Get to Deerfoot mall and it’s super big and wet snow falling – Gopesh, Derrick and I waiting on Punit, Prashant and Rich… You could stand outside for a minute and be soaked. hahaha also note my half assed attempt at protecting my lip. Didn’t do shit anyways haha.

Check out that snowfall. It doesn’t look that bad in the pic, but you could barely see in front of you. We lost each other in the snow because we needed to follow another car in order to know where we were going.

Almost through red deer and the snow let up and it was just rain.

Random shot lol

Got to gasoline alley and I was the only one that filled up. That’s what you get when you roll with gas sippers. lol

Rain let up and it was getting nice and dry finally

With the dry weather, we decided to do some rolling shots. Derrick and his teg – sick shot.

Punit and Rich


Punit – Regas look so good

Prashant getting go pro footage


Clear sailing! Such a relief.

Got to Edmonton and had lunch at ihop. Just finished and we were getting ready to roll to Speedtech for some BBQ…..

Got to speedtech and no BBQ. LOL it was closed and the roads were so shitty getting there.

Whatever, hard park for a while and look cool. That was the whole point anyway…

Finally – Isaac and Daniel invited us to come to their shop and detail our cars before the meet. Thanks so much to you guys for letting us use it and your super clean shop! Great meeting you guys. Here’s the lineup…

Washing Snow White

I’m surprised I didn’t catch any birds in that huge opening haha

The other side of the shop where we dried our cars and later set up

Rolling out for Gopesh and Aldrich to move in

Punit being a troll. No, he’s not trying to help me dry the car. He thinks it’s a mouth or some shit. Damn Honda owners…

Rich washing up

Not sure what was going on here. LOL

Gopesh washing his car. Peep his grill line – coming off because of the highway drive or something or the ultimate pressure washer took it off.

Doing work.

Isaac and his super clean Civic and his fresh paint job. I think he said it was done 4 days ago? Crazy.

hahaha you can see that bump on Derrick’s head. I asked for a another towel to dry my car and he offered it in his trunk. I ended up getting it and didn’t let the trunk go all the way and he came over to check. In retrospect, I don’t even know why he came to look but he smacked his head on the trunk and he kept making a big deal about having a concussion and bleeding and shit. What a baby. Shit was hilarious though.

Daniel’s super clean Del Sol. You don’t see many of these in such great condition. He had just gotten a fresh paint job as well and that was two days ago. So minty!

Gopesh’s GTI all clean and with the grill stripe all done again thanks to Rich.

KKK. (No racist)

This is how we originally had it set up but after realizing that we needed to fit three more cars in we had to move it. My wing took up too much room hahahaha

Boom. Final result. I loved this shop cause it was so clean, and the lighting was perfect. If we had more time I wish we could have set up on the hoists and stuff but this was good enough. This shot alone was worth the trip through the blizzard haha.

Got to the meet and decided to go find some dinner before we left. Look at that loser throwing up fob signs.

Look at these two trolls. Always have to be looking at the camera.

This was the worst idea ever. Ricky and I were feeling pretty tired and with the 3 hour drive home in the dark, I was afraid I was gonna get hella sleepy so we decided to pick this up. “No crash later” is bullshit. At least for someone who doesn’t drink caffeine EVER. Well, we drank it at around 830PM thinking that by the time we got home, it’d wear off. Wrong. The good thing is that neither of us were tired on the way home. The bad thing is by the time we got home we were still hyper as hell. I went to bed feeling tired on the outside and on the inside my heart was beating like I just ran a marathon. Even today I was jittery and shaky as hell. Never again.

Anyway… fast forward and we are on our way home… Loved this pic.

Rolling shot for Derrick. The sky on our way back was awesome.


This makes me excited. Ricky finally got his bags installed by Concept-1 – who, by the way, did an excellent job with running the lines and everything. So fun to play with. Maybe he was the reason why I have the LS now…

Set up in the back


Highest setting. LOLOL for some reason this looks like stock height. I remember being able to put my fist in when he first got the car.

Messing around trying to be a low rider haha

Set to the cruise height. This is about how he was with coils – maybe a bit higher.

Fucking sick!


I had finally bit the bullet to get the JDM rear brake light because I was so bored with the car at that point already. I remember I just wanted to buy something to get rid of the itch. This was it lol. It was actually pretty bad ass though.

All JDM. Even the bolts and bolt holders haha. It’s weird that it’s sold separately, you’d think they’d sell it all together…

The light.

JDM bulb lol

Removing the rear bumper

Off! Looks crazy. Because race car. haha

Rear bumper off to the side and the middle section cut out. Note the burned and yellowed underside. I polished most of it off and it looks good again! I need the Varis exhaust shields… I’m on the fence cause that’s too much going on in the back.

Punit decided that Boo wanted to help wipe off the polish. Gopesh thought it was a good idea too.

Rich tapping into the brake lights.


Getting the bumper back on….

Done! All working good!

Just getting the last clips in..

haha funny cause all of us had one clip haha


A video of Ricky’s air in action.

Finally getting hot weather at this point. We installed Gopesh’s APR exhaust on his GTI and it was awesome. I miss install days but the good thing is that with everyone’s new cars, there’s gonna be tons of new install days next year again!

Took a quick snap of my car since I just waxed it and it looks amazing in the sun when it’s shining.

Got to Prashant’s house and look at this parking job. I guess douche parking comes with the car.

Layout of the APR exhaust and carbon intake in the boxes

Gopesh doing work lol

Ready to get the intake in. But for some reason, I didn’t get a final shot of it. The way the APR exhaust is made was such a fail on their part. The bolts that hold the chamber to the filter don’t even fit, the filter barely fits the arm, blah blah blah.

Legs everywhere haha

Everybody doing work.

hahaha Punit was stuck under there holding the exhaust for so long. We jumped the gun and took everything off the hangers too quick and Gopesh had barely got the downpipe off. Whoops.

Finally that stock bitch is out.

Exhaust up. So shiny. Man the hangers for this car are such a bitch to do.

Look at that mirror shine.

On May 22nd, we went out to do an official shoot of my car for illmotion. It was a pretty chill day with just JC, Ricky, Derrick and I. The funniest part of this whole day was how we somehow gave Derrick the short end of the stick and made him talk to this old dude who was looking for his dance class or something LOL.

This was actually the perfect spot for my car. Maybe it’s fate – the gloss black tiles for the backdrop was perfect contrast for the white and carbon. Minus the fact that we had two security guards watching us, a few onlookers and the staff monitoring us, it was an awesome spot.

After the whole shoot, we went back to Simmon’s – it’s a nice place to park, quiet and right by the river. This Italian guy came up to us and asked us what we were doing there. We told him we were just taking pictures and he called us liars. He said we were there to dance. After that, he said usually him and a group usually meet in this very spot to do some latin dancing and wanted to know where everyone was. I thought he was crazy, but he was a nice dude. He asked if I had a phone and I said that I didn’t. Meanwhile, the people I thought were my friends scattered and left me alone with him. Derrick was the only one playing on his phone so I decided to throw him under the bus. I said that Derrick had a phone and he could use it. Well unfortunately, he ended up using it to call his entire contact list that he had written on a small piece of paper in his wallet that he had laid out on JC’s trunk LOL.

15 minutes later… still waiting for him to finish calling his contact list to find out where this dance group is.

Derrick isn’t too impressed with me and I decided to take a picture of it for hilarious moments down the road. Now that I think about it, the dance thing didn’t start until 4. He was freaking out half an hour early. By 4, the dance instructor had showed up. Wasted our time. But Derrick made a new friend… LOL

Finally Ricky’s tires came in and we went to go get them mounted. We also went to install Gopesh’s rear valence and intake. Wooo.
At this point I know Ricky was dying with everyone’s cars being put together and Ricky had to roll around on stock wheels lol

After months of having the tires in my basement and the wheels boxed up and asking to be taken out – we finally get the chance to take them to Gary and Cort at Urban X.

Since we didn’t have an appointment, they were nice enough to let us just drop it off and have them work on them whenever they had time. Meanwhile, we headed to the Tenchiwala residence and chilled for a bit. Gopesh had some goodies to install. I was sitting in JC’s car and was checking out his dildo knob again… haha I have a soft spot for this thing cause it’s so crazy. It’s actually super fun to shift.

We were taking a look at some of the stuff we had from 2010 to see if we could reuse them for anything this year and unfortunately we can’t. The flags that we had made by Terence at Black Label got ruined when we took them to the show in Vancouver last year. It was an outdoor show and it rained practically all day.

Gopesh came and it turned out his sideskirts, rear Oettinger bumper and front lip were done being painted.

Dirty – but he’s been driving like this since we installed the exhaust a few weeks ago.

The front lip

The rest of the pieces loaded up in Punit’s Legacy

The bumper

We decided to wash the car and fit it on to make sure the paint matched and it was easier to work with. Turned out great. The APR exhaust looks sick

A shot of his APR intake that I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of last time. Kind of the same set up as stock – except carbon. Didn’t seem that special to me, but it looks sick.

Around 2, we went back to Urban and picked the wheels back up. We asked if they could leave the blue tape on the wheels so that when we test them with his air set up, we don’t accidentally scratch up the lip. This is how they look the shade – no spectrum silver or anything. Just straight gunmetal. Stealthy.


Another one in the bag! Thanks for tuning in!

***End May/Part V***

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