2012 Wrap Up – Part IV

Happy Tuesday and onto April! One thing I hate about this wrap up is that I’m starting to get into when summer started this year and we’re just starting winter right now. Depressing because we’re going back to the good times. Blue skies, shorts and t-shirt weather, everyone’s clean cars… I look outside now and it’s shitty and my car is sitting in the garage wanting to be driven.
April is when things really started to get rolling – parts were getting slapped on, cars were getting insured and driven, and the waiting time for parts was coming to an end.

Also – posts are getting longer and longer as we go. It’s taking longer than I thought to put this together LOL. I apologize in advance if there isn’t much to read. I figured that the pics would be enough. I promise on the next one, I’ll try and add more flavour to the posts so you aren’t just scrolling through an endless wall of pics.


I was following the Varis updates pretty closely around this time and they finally got the kit on, painted, and did a photoshoot of it. Even today, the car hasn’t really changed and there haven’t been many updates on it. Occasionally, you see shots of the Varis cars outside the HQ in Japan but they all remain untouched. I think their focus right now is on the FRS from what I see.

April 11th – my Varis kit finally landed. Again thanks to Nick for helping me get this in. It was so nice and minty 😥
The quality of the work is definitely there. Even Dave at Screamin’ mentioned that it fit like a glove with no modification needed.

Got the car tuned by Sunny (Airboy) – one of Alberta’s best tuners. All I remember is that this was one of the longest days of my life. I think we were there for 5 hours in total. The fact that it was freezing made it so dreadfully long too. But, I can’t complain because Sunny was meticulous with how it was done and kept going until it was done right.
Also saw a bunch of flames that day…

Here’s a clip from that day. Fireballs!!


This is how cold it was.

Again – we’re all starting to get the itch to work on cars. I think around this time, we had something to work on every week because people either had new parts to put on or something – we just always met up and kicked the shit. The day we slammed Barb’s TSX was freezing. You can see the heater and heat gun being used and shared. Good times.


Sanding off the old paint.

Snacks. lol

Everyone on a corner. Pretty fun day!

Ricky on a corner.

And the wrong bolts put us at a standstill with his KEY’S wheel install. lame.

So, we moved on to Gopesh’s GTI and installed his boost gauge instead. That took Prashant all but 10 minutes lol…


Everyone’s cars were pretty much out already so we decided to go on a cruise since it’s been a while. The only person missing was Punit and his Integra. I can’t remember why… Maybe it broke again. (LOL JK PUNIT)

Met up at STRD (RIP)

Still one of my favourite shots. Probably cause there’s color hahaha – most of our cars are white or black. here’s where it gets interesting…

Uh oh…

Will he make it?

Congratulations, Jackie. You are now a gangster.

Never thought that the way back down is harder than going up. Jackie cracked his lip… Sad.


More little detail things..

Got tired of seeing the Voltex sticker on the wing “wrong”. Got Terence to make me a new set and it was perfect.

April 25th – the hottest day of the year at that point. It reached +25C. The Western Subaru Club meet was that day and I swear I was sweating buckets. Now that I think about it, I can’t wait…

Ricky and DHO chillin.

OMG how I need a day like this right now…

Boom. Not a bad day.

Another small update with the car. I ordered titanium license plate bolts and burned them myself. Turned out alright for my first time. I know now that I should sand it before I do it or else it gets all splotchy.
Now I need to order some diamond bolts for the Lexus LOL

Updates on the Varis kit from Dave. He shaved off the windshield washer holes for me and it looked flawless.

A few days later, I came by and he did a mock test fit for me to see. I was anxious as hell at that point to just get it on and drive it.

Looks so good

Ricky and Dave putting it up. Ricky is wearing shorts so it must have been hot…

The sideskirts just snapped on because they fit so perfectly.

Ricky’s Oettinger bumper was also sitting there getting ready to be painted…

And the stock pieces. Looking back, when I posted the entry, I wrote at the bottom “I’ll keep them just incase I decide to winter drive the car”. LOL well partially true. It’s being winter driven, but not by me anymore.

And April is goneeeeeeeeee.
***End April/Part IV***

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