2012 Wrap Up – Part III

March! Almost time to bring the car out and this is when it starts to get exciting. Let’s continue…

The concept pictures of the Varis widebody STI came out around this time. I mentioned that it looked like a fish. It still does lol.

This was one of the pictures that made it’s way around tumblr and all over facebook after all these other wannabe-car sites started reposting it for some reason. You get a lot of dumb comments like “those volks should be on a car, not in a room” or “those recaros are being wasted in that room”. You guys are retarded for thinking I would just buy parts to put in my room for the rest of their life. Needless to say, they were from guys that drove ’98 Civics on stock fat fives because they’re so gangster. Get off the hate bus.

This was interesting – an 06-07 Hawkeye with the new Varis front. It was done hella quick too, considering all the work you’d have to do to mold it on properly.

The parts were flowing in now. Got my Invidia catless downpipe and bride rail for the passenger side that I never used.

Ricky, Derrick and I ended up installing the downpipe and I had my tires mounted. We got ’em on and we were good to go. We also went over to Derrick’s to paint his wheels white since we were bored. There wasn’t much to do at this time because it was still shitty outside.

Pulled it out and I decided to take it for a rip – actually the first time since I parked it and it was heaven. It was awesome. It sounded soooo good too.
This was the first time it was on the ground for months and it looked gangster as hell. I still can’t stand the front bumper though after seeing the Varis on there.

Derrick’s Integra in the flesh.

Right away, we get started. The guy that had them before him put them through some crazy shit. Scuffed, had some purple paint and shit on it that was impossible to take off so we spent a few hours sanding them down to get them to be as nice as we could by hand.

My wheel – it looked pretty bad before.

After the sanding was done, I sprayed the primer and had it looking decently good again.

Done! A simple white and a few shots of some clear and we were in the zone. Looked dope. I think it’ll look super sick on silver. Check out Derrick doing work in the back. He’s actually sanding off all the paint on the first wheel he did cause I told him it was rubbish.

Myself spraying the second wheel. I can’t even remember who took this.. haha

Derrick took this shot. I guess he wanted to show off his RC and car at the same time.


A few days later I couldn’t wait any longer so I had to just take her for a rip for a little bit. I ended up meeting with Almond since he just took his 335 out and took some quick pics.


Literally a day later, Jackie pulled his S2000 out and I came by to meet up with him and catch up. More pics… you can see the snow is going away too but not nice enough to drive. It was still pretty chilly.

Had to boost it haha


That weekend, Diana and I went to the international auto show. We’ve been going for the last 4 years together and it’s usually a good time to check out the new stuff. It’s crazy looking back now because that’s when everyone first saw the FRS and BRZ. Now everyone and their mom has one with the Rockey Bunny kit. Still nice though.
I’m gonna just dump all the pics here for you guys to scroll through if you’re bored đŸ™‚

The FRS – no touchy though… lame

Easily my favourite car of the whole show. The new GS350 is so sick and the front is aggressive as hell. Slam it. Meisters. Done.

CT200h – pretty slick for the price! This one was for JC haha

Tunerworks booth… ADV1’s

WORK Meister 3PC… Love.

The new Nissan Leaf – 160km on a full charge. Ehhhh… but for no gas at all, I guess you can’t complain. You can even buy the 220V charger for something like $2300 and speed up your charge time from something ridiculous like 16-20 hours to 8-10 hours.

The staple shot of the GTR.

Another favourite of the night was the M5 in that matte finish. So sick

And the BRZ. Not out of reach like the FRS was, but still – can’t open it unfortunately. I liked the FRS better for some reason…

And the last thing we stopped at for the night – the Cadillac ULC. Everything from vibrating seats to let you know if there’s a car in the lane next to you, images in your side view mirror, and customizable touchscreen with haptic feedback.

Bad ass vette..

Again, my favourite car of the show. Front end is so hot.

Some Benz eye candy

Loved the A7 too. Audi always puts on one of the cleanest looking booths. All their cars were white and set up nice and simple.

The X’s

There’s a house sitting right there in the form of a Bentley.


This was around the time I decided I’d go sticker-less. Started getting a bit tacky unless they were nice, simple stickers.

Got the black R205 badges from VEX. Installed those right away. Still little touches here and there…

Stock silver badges

Side by side comparison

Took the badge off. Diana taking off the tape residue.

This was the day we pulled a mofuggin plane at UPS.

Then we watched this strong man try to pull it. Nada though… good try.

The car was out. Went to take rollers at night. *sigh*

We also installed Ricky’s Gias. One of them anyway. I can’t remember why though… I think it was because we were too lazy to modify the brackets on the passenger side. It took us a good hour to get it right.

BOOM. That’s a wrap for March. Lots of shit going on already and the season has just begun. Stay tuned for April!

***End March/Part III****

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