Prestigious Society Nav/Video Bypass Module Install

Yesterday my packages from Prestigious Society came. My early birthday present from my parents and sister was the Nav/Video Bypass and the air suspension controller from Diana.

I don’t get the controller until after Christmas, but I did get a chance to take the Nav/Bypass module. I had a choice of doing my Christmas shopping today or to stay home and play COD and install this. Of course, I chose the latter. Christmas shopping can wait – and I know I’ll regret saying that in a few days.

Anyways – Headed out to the garage to install this bad boy. Basically it allows you to watch DVD’s while driving and to use the nav system while driving. Those of you with OEM nav know that if you start driving, you are unable to navigate which can get annoying if you need to do something but have no place to stop over. The DVD feature is a plus.

IMG_0321 copy

The package.

IMG_0322 copy

First thing’s first – remove the side panels. Cake.

IMG_0323 copy

Remove the center console area. Cake.

IMG_0326 copy

Center console out.

IMG_0327 copy

This was where it got frustrating. The radio unit was in there good and it took a good half an hour for me to pull it out. You had to wiggle your hand in the back and pull a little corner in the front to get it out. But you needed one hard pull in order for it to work or else it didn’t even budge. My fingers feel busted. The back barely had any room, I feel sorry for anyone with big hands because there was no way that would’ve come out.

IMG_0329 copy

Here’s the pain in the ass piece that finally came out.

IMG_0330 copy

Nav piece out.

IMG_0332 copy

Now was the time to take the module and wire it together and plug it in. Nice little piece.

IMG_0333 copy

The back of the nav system with all the wires. I ended up plugging it in and wired it nicely. Everything went back within 5 minutes.

IMG_0335 copy

I ended up wiring it right near my leg so it was easy to just push. I’ve seen a lot of guys wire it near the heated seat controls and on the opposite side of where I did so it’s laying on the console but I wanted it to be nice and clean.

IMG_0337 copy

Popped in 2 Fast 2 Furious and the Scarface preview came on lol. Works like a charm! All in all, took about an hour. Can’t wait to install the air controller now!

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