CT Meet LS

Yesterday before we met up with Punit to go check out the GS, JC came over to show me his CT. (lots of letters going on here).

It was cold as f*** yesterday and I think it felt like -25C yesterday morning. His car was still clean after pickup on Thursday which was sick – it looks awesome. My favourite part of his car is the interior: tan and black combo. It should look awesome with his Work VSXX’s from the Corolla. Summer cannot come soon enough.

Anyways – I wanted to take some quick pics of it so I could show everyone. Also got a few shots of two of the three “mean girls” together. Punit should be going back tomorrow to see if he can seal the deal on the GS. Once he’s done that, we’re set. Anyways take a look!

IMG_0304 copy

As stock as it can be.

IMG_0305 copy

IMG_0307 copy

Awesome interior.

IMG_0308 copy

Love the center console area as well.

IMG_0309 copy

The two face to face. 🙂

IMG_0311 copy

Another awesome part of JC’s car is the LED headlights. LED headlights are turning into the new HID’s. They are actually super bright and they look sick. The pics show them as yellow but in person they are actually more blue/purple. This feature alone was worth the extra money.

IMG_0313 copy

IMG_0314 copy

Nice and clean. Just imagine a lip kit… Aimgain, JC?

IMG_0317 copy


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