2012 Wrap Up – Part II

Moving onto February. Again – it’s still pretty slow so there isn’t much to blog about but still good to look back on. Once we hit summer, there’s gonna be a bunch of meets and stuff so be patient!

At this point, we’re all just gathering car parts and doing small installs here and there while we get ready for summer. The weather is starting to get nice again and I believe I pull the STI out in March… but we’ll get there…

Ricky and I ordered new Morimoto HID bulbs in 5000k to replace the stock ones for a whiter look. Nothing huge, but still a nice mod.

Ricky’s Before

And after

Went to my place right after to install mine. I think that day was super nice out too. We were really getting the itch to drive the cars.

I actually had no wheels at the time so the car was sitting on jacks for a few months. I couldn’t drive it even if I wanted…

Then for fun we put my sister’s Rotas on the rear and they fit with no rub. Hella sunk hahaha they didn’t fit the fronts without hitting the Brembo’s though…

A few days later, I spoke with Nick and ended up picking up the TE’s from him.

Ricky and I spent some time cleaning them up before we put them away until I got some tires.

Put them on to get an idea of what they’d look like. You can already imagine how stoked I was to get this down on the ground.

Some more little things to get ready for the summer. Ricky and I also ordered some vanity plates. I’m thinking I should order a new one for the Lexus but I can’t think of anything witty…

Since I got the Voltex wing, I was wanting to upgrade the legs to 275mm so bad. The 255mm wasn’t cutting it just cause it looked so small compared to the car. I was surprised that the 255mm was what was on the GTR too. I called up Evasive and sure enough, they had the 275mm in stock so I ordered it up and got it within a few days.

Before with 255mm

After with 275mm

And the ridiculous rear view. Still one of my favourite angles and pics.

At the end of February, I was missing summer even more. I found this roller that I took the summer before when it was still on the Burple XT7’s.

***End February/Part II***

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