The Search For Punit’s Lexus

A little something different today. I’m actually publishing from my phone this time. Hahaha mainly because I didn’t bring my camera to the dealer to take pics of our adventure.

Our plan today was to go and check out the GS450h that’s for sale for Punit. We’ve been wanting to check it out since Wednesday, and I say “we” because JC and I were pushing Punit to go sooner than later cause we were all anxious to see it especially after I picked up the LS and JC picked up the CT.

Anyways we met up with the sales guy at 1pm, checked out the car and took it for a rip. such a sick car. It’s actually a mini version of the LS on the inside. Everything that was in it is also on the LS. It sick black interior and grey outside. Being a hybrid makes it a plus too – a VIP hybrid build, like JC’s would be sick. I wish I could’ve copped a 600hl for a good price but everything was way over budget.

But – three quick pics. I actually don’t know why I didn’t take any outside pics except for the headlight. Bummer cause now this post is pointless lol.





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